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Thread: [WORKING ON]Wallpaper?

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    [WORKING ON]Wallpaper?

    Wallpaper does not act like wallpaper. It does not "stick" to walls. It doesn't always go behind furniture, nor things that hang on the walls. The short pieces are taller than the other walls we can buy, but shorter than the estate walls.

    They act kind of like other walls we can buy, only they seem *less* likely to go behind items, so for me they are less useful than other dividers.

    Do we need to buy some wallpaper paste so we can stick the wallpaper onto the walls? Or is there something I am not understanding with wallpaper?

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    Same issues in my estate, I love the idea of having wall paper, maybe they could do something similar to the floor tiles.

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    Same issues here. I tried to use them and then removed them as they are more like glitchey walls rather than wallpaper.
    Please try to fix them. Thank You!

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    this seems to be a bug report rather than a general discussion, so I moved it to the bug section.

    Thank you for alerting us,
    have fun, Aliya
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    I was under the impression that this was less of a bug and more a failing of the actual "wallpaper," and so it would be discussion to determine if we all agree on that point, which would determine if we wanted to ask for a different style of wallpaper in the suggestions section.

    As for myself, I agree that the wallpaper is kind of clunky and difficult to use, so I would vote for turning this into a suggestion to implement wallpaper that worked more like the floor tiles. If anyone has played the Sims, that's what I'm thinking of.
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