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Thread: Tail Tales: A chance to share pics of our real dragons and other babies.

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    Tail Tales: A chance to share pics of our real dragons and other babies.

    Dusty, Negrito and Stumpy

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    In the game we often talk about our babies whether they are furry or scaley. Recently, Negrito my beloved cat passed away after an operation and all my friends here in Mira were so supportive and caring. Negrito is in kitty heaven now and thanks you all for all the well wishes and prayers. I would love to see all your babies, past and present. My nickname Roxxie is in honor of my dog of the same name. Her pics will follow soon.
    Spread the love. It never dies.

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    Name:  gWncML7.jpg
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Size:  52.3 KB Ta Da... The Real Roxxie, RIP Sweet Girl

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    Nikki, my big beautiful girl who went to the Rainbow bridge in 2008; Dexter who is an old man of 14 now; Bella who is happier in a new home. love my fur babies

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    Mitzi at 3 months. She is almost 3 yrs old now!

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    Dexter and me the day I adopted him

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    They are all so precious. Thanks for sharing those great faces...

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    I don't know how the Honda pic got there!Here is real pic of Nikki, Dexter, and Bella!

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