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Thread: [Working On]Buildings with unusually large catchment areas

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    [Working On]Buildings with unusually large catchment areas

    So basically there was a mushroom (the blue bit at my feet) that I wanted to click on but couldn't because it kept clicking on my neighbours buildings instead. Zooming in did not change it and in the end I opened up the garden inventory to fade the buildings so I could collect it. which worked.

    The black line is roughly my neighbour dhatam's house's catchment area. my mouse is actually in the corner above my head where the line is thickest but as you can see the tagline showing me it's his house has appeared way up there. I believe dhatam's line would go further up but it's also clashing with chocolatmoon's house.

    The red line is wolfinn's house's catchment, not only covering the mushroom but most of the markets and message boards area as well.

    (on a side note while making this post I also couldn't get the right click post to open up while on this page, I managed to get the picture on by dragging the picture from another open tab into the add picture url box)

    Hope this can be fixed soon. x

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    My field is located at the top right and the dragon is at the top left. Half the time when clicking the lair it selects to gold amount indicator and opens the mana trader. Also picking mushrooms from the walk area at top often opens mana trader.

    In the Dream World, the islands overlap far into the center walk area and are selected when you want to just walk around.

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    ALL the buildings have a too-large clickable area. I live in the upper left of my village, and I placed a "festive garland" to the right of my house, and I can't pick it up again. It's plainly visible and not even close to touching the house. There's no reason for a house to have such a large area for clicking - it's much larger than the house is. Clickable area could be half the size of a large house, and that would still be plenty of area for clicking.
    I do not want to pick up all my decorations just to get this one item. I guess it will stay there until I transform and my house is small again. Good thing I'm level 94 and it really won't be that long until I transform, but this is seriously annoying.

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    Hello, Odd_Won_Out,

    every object in Mira has that catchment area which is a necessity. There are some things that tend to be annoying - like the mana trader opening when trying to collect a mushroom, but it seems this simply can't be changed for some reason.

    But if you want to collect decoration items, there are two simple ways to do it.
    If the items are hidden behind your residence in the village, you could cast a spell on your house - the snail shell or birthday cake are great for that, or autumn season...
    If the items are hidden behind one of the other buildings, there is a new way of doing it which even enables us to collect things completely hidden behind buildings:
    open your front garden inventory - now all buildings become transparent and you can activate, click and collect everything.
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    I often have a problem with a mushroom spawning right on the corner of my dream world house, it can take several tries before I get the mushroom instead of enter the house.
    Since the update with hiding buildings, picking up a decoration isn't that much of a problem, it's just the mushrooms now.

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    Thank you, Aliya. I hadn't thought about casting a spell on my house or opening my garden inventory. I had totally forgotten about the new transparent building feature.
    However - I'm happy to say that today I was able to move the out-of-place garland without doing anything else! Either I was at just the right zoom level, or something has been changed about the catchment area.
    Thanks again for those reminders.

    And I agree with fussycat - it can be very difficult to pick mushrooms that grow very close to the dream world house.

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