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Thread: Ghost accounts in the village

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    Ghost accounts in the village

    today it happened the 2nd time that a new player account appeared in our village and when I looked to it, because we have set our income level very high, I noticed that in fact the player isn´t there. When I refresh the account is gone.

    First time it was a player which moved new into our valley, but today it was a player of a different valley. Is that a new bug ?

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    Hm, that's really spooky

    I've heard of something similar lately - a player who visited a village and mysteriously was listed in town hall as living in that village when actually he wasn't... could you please provide a bit more information, Ruby?

    Especially the names of those players might be helpful for investigation, and if possible the dates when it occured.

    Thank you for reporting it and for your help
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    I will try to remember and write it to support :-).

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