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Thread: Wanted: Your views

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    Exclamation Wanted: Your views

    The Festival of Renewal is over for another year ...

    ... and what a season it was!

    Fireworks every hour - items - opportunities
    and of course a promo at the end of it.
    TG and the developers would love some feedback - so what did you think?

    Thank you very much,
    your team
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    Apr 2014
    I thought the festival was awesome!! The best part was the fireworks every hour. Too bad that wasn't a regular occurrence. I felt that there were too many items (clothes/hair especially) that required rubies to purchase.

    Great job!!

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    Jan 2013
    I loved the fireworks!! I agree about the rubies.

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    Didn't like the fireworks. It caused lags for me. I do agree about the rubies.

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    Overall the season was nice.

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    Jan 2013
    Not too fond of the fireworks. At first they were cute to look at but then every hour it came on my game was lagging. It would have been nice for a much shorter time, a few days maybe.

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    Jun 2014
    I agree the hourly fireworks were nice to see on the day of new year, as everyone around the globe celebrates it at different times. But the novelty wore off quickly when the fireworks were still going on days after new year's eve. I suggest 2-3 days into the new year. It also caused me too much lag when I'd been online for a long time. The fireworks display would sometimes last 5+ mins on my screen due to the lag. I could always refresh so lag's not my main reason for not liking the fireworks -- it was nice but the novelty wore off quickly after the first few days.

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    Oct 2013
    I agree to that people said before. I also would prefer to have the fireworks only about 3 days. In sum the event was very nice but lasted a bit too long for my taste, especially after that long advent/christmas theme, and thinking of that carneval event probably will coming soon too.

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    Well, I didn't mind the length of the season, especially if shorter season would have meant longer out-of-season time until the next one. I love how each season comes with new festive seeds. The best part, of any season, is when I win those seeds from tent or wheel, or better yet, from those blue crystal questies for 20 each. Looks like next season's festive seed already came out, so looking forward to that now.

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    It was a great Season!

    1) Agreed, Firework lag was a Very Big problem, constant complaints of lag in the chat tabs.
    I had to refresh a lot and the flash player crashed way more than usual.
    - Add another animate objects tic in the settings tab so those that do not lag may enjoy the full
    splendor of the animated artwork. Then everyone else may enjoy it and then turn it off.

    2) It was very nice that it lasted long enough for the low level people to get their resources together
    and get in on it too.

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