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Thread: [No Bug] mushroom bug?

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    Unhappy [No Bug] mushroom bug?

    I went to harvest mushrooms today and the error message associated with a full crop warehouse popped up. It said my warehouse was full to bursting and I could not add anything more to it. But I was not harvesting crops, I was harvesting mushrooms. I checked my mushroom bag and it said it was not full. I tried to get the mushrooms again after logging in and out and it still came up with the harvest error. So, I spent rubies and enlarged my crop storehouse. After that, I was able to harvest mushrooms with no problem.
    I asked around, and no one else ever knew that if your crop storehouse was full, you could not harvest mushrooms. Is this a new change, or is this a bug??

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    It occurs when you try to collect green mushrooms, because they give you optic plant mush and they surely belong into your storehouse.

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