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Thread: [No Bug] Functional Gondola ##

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    [No Bug] Functional Gondola ##

    "Functional Gondola"
    "With the finest upholstery for hours of seating confort"

    That is the description of the item i bought to put on my small lake but it ain't FUNCTIONAL cus i cant sit on it
    and yes i remember a thread a while ago bout garden seats and how they are for decoration only if they dont have a red cushion on them. Well my gondola does have a red cusion ! Ever heard of the trades discription act ! I want my money back!
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    Sorry, nutasha,

    that must be a misunderstanding I admit, the description is a bit misleading, it's one of those that are truly miramagical and not to be taken literally.
    At least, the gondola can be placed on your lake - you wouldn't be able to do that with a seating group.

    I'll show you the difference:


    Watch the arrows, they point to the cushion icon that indicates a true seating - the big one, which is attached to the image of the decoration item and won't be seen if you actually place the item in your garden.
    Also, the description of a true seating always mentions the number of seats, declares it to be a seating group and contains a hint that it can only be placed in your garden patch.

    Now the Gondolas don't show that big cushion - watch the arrows:

    And the description does not mention it to be a seating:

    I'm really sorry for the conundrum and maybe we can ask for the text to be altered and have added a hint that it is not a seating at all.

    However, the trades description act hardly comes into effect at this transaction because it isn't real money, but only the ingame-currency gold and clearly there is a major difference between the images and descriptions between that gondola and the real seatings. Sorry if you didn't notice it earlier
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