I'm not certain if this is really a bug, but it feels very strange and not properly designed.
I decided to, for the first time, buy the wonderful starter package after my last transformation. In order to really use the benefit with all buildings 1 lvl up I waited a while with it and had just started the vaporisation of my fields lvl3 obstacles. Since the package would also remove my lvl1 obstactles, I had of course not touched them. Out of curiosity I noted the time and mana cost for my next vaporisation, unfortunately I did not take a print screen. This it what it said with lvl18 dragon:
Time: 37h 23 min
Cost: 5832 mana

After I had applied the package and fed my dragon up to lvl 25, the time and the mana were very much higher:
Time: 128 h 24 min
Cost: 15760 mana

So, if I had waited with applying the package until all other obstacles had been vaporised, I would have saved tons of mana and time. This was not clear and it actually feels like the "instant clearing lvl1 obstacles" is not a very good bonus if it only saves the user the cost for the lvl1 obstacles. I thought that it would save me the cost for the 12 last fields, which it would have done if I had applied it after level 51. Please change this or update the information.