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Thread: Wheel garden item, unclear what is won ##

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    Wheel garden item, unclear what is won ##

    Hello, not certain if this counts as technical or graphical but:
    This is the third time in a short period of time that I've been lucky enough to win a garden item from the wheel of fortune. Now the issue - I don't know what I've received (if anything) any of these three times since this is the message:

    The normal message when you win an item is a picture of it and a description, with this I'm not even sure you get anything...

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    Thank you, dragoness

    That's a bug which has been in the game for a few weeks now - the devs already know about it, so let's hope they are going to fix it soon.

    You don't need to worry about not having won anything^^. You did win an item and you did receive it - but it can be difficult to find out what it was... The picture with the dragon statue, fence, hedge and cushion is just a general placeholder for decoration - it's the same icon that marks your garden inventory in the menu.
    There is a number of items which can be won at the wheel at regular times - and if you can't find out on your own what is new in your inventory, you can ask support for help.

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