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Thread: Can't see pictures in forum

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    Can't see pictures in forum

    For a few days now the images from Photobucker don't show in forum, for example here:
    or here
    which makes lots of threads useless

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    Thank you Elsje for bringing this to our attention - it is as you see a photobucket issue which is being worked on. Some images are back already; others should be back soon
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    I'd like to add... it's being worked on as far as a picture is hosted on the photobucket site of one of the team.

    Everyone else who has been using a free photobucket account will have to do this in their own and we really can't do anything about that.
    As far as we know, photobucket has changed their rules for free/premium account, being far more restrictive now. So anyone who uploaded pictures on a free photobucket account which is now - due to traffic - too large to still be a free account, will probably have to buy a photobucket premium account for a little while to get back all those pics at first - and will then have to think of a new way of uploading them.

    @all users who used to upload on photobucket:
    Please check your postings and profiles for missing pictures - as soon as you have found a different hosting site, just upload your pictures there and give us a note so we can exchange them in your postings.

    Please put it like this:

    posting 1: [insert url of posting 1*]
    picture 1: [insert new url of picture 1]
    picture 2: [insert new url of picture 2]

    posting 2: [insert url of posting 2*]
    picture: [insert new url of picture]


    *To get the URL of a posting, simply click its number in its top bar:

    The URL of that posting will now be shown in the URL line on top of your browser - just copy/paste it.

    Sorry for the inconvenience but it's really out of our control - and thank you all for helping to restore the pictures in our forum.
    Have a fine day,
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    Also, the content of some posts became a link, appearing as underlined when I hover the mouse over the text:

    and it leads to the picture:

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    Hello Elsje...

    It's a known forum bug related to the user ranks. We're trying to figure it out...

    We're sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

    Edit: We have found the issue and it was fixed.


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    Wow, that was quick

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