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    Post Fan-site Policy

    Dear players,

    maybe you have a great idea to create a fan-site project or just a site with information about your village. We are really happy that you have such great ideas and we appreciate your work on it.

    To prevent any problems or legal effects, we want to give you a small guideline with Do's and Don’ts that may help you create your own great fan site:

    - You are allowed to use the games name, MiraMagia Logos, texts and images if you mention Travian Games as holder of all content-related rights in your imprint
    - You are allowed to create your web design based on the original MiraMagia design but you should not copy it one-to-one. Texts and layout have to communicate obviously that:

    “Travian Games is not the provider of the fan-site, does not control its content, and is by no means affiliated with the site or its owner.”


    Your site must neither contain illegal or offending content nor must it infringe our or a third parties’ rights. That being said, you are especially not allowed to:

    - fake a "login page" which makes a player believe that it's an original MiraMagia page
    - You are not allowed to create logins that redirect players to the game itself

    Besides, you are not allowed to:

    - Your are allowed to add advertising (e.g. Google ads, banner advertisings, pop-up windows) to your website as long as there is no advertising for other browsergames.
    - You are not allowed to use MiraMagia contents for making money (neither your fan-site should be a commercial service nor charge any costs from users)
    - The site must not promote, encourage, suggest or otherwise enable breaking of the game rules, or break the game rules itself.
    - The site must not suggest, encourage, promote or provide links to or information on locating bots, browser addons/scripts, greasemonkey scripts, or any other means of violating Miramagia rules.

    If your fan-site project does not comply with these guidelines or in case of any doubt we reserve the right to deny or cancel our permission of content usage at any time!

    This list may be amended. Please check it regularly because your site must comply with the current status of this list.

    If you are not sure if your fan site project matches with that policy, feel free to contact us and we will find a solution:

    Have fun!

    Kind regards,
    Your MiraMagia Team
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    The Fan-site Policy have been updated today

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