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Thread: Villages in the valley - growth by transformations

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    Villages in the valley - growth by transformations

    In the valley, the size of a village resembles the number of transformations performed by its inhabitants.
    Starting with a flat landscape, a village develops a hill that will grow into an impressive mountain crowned with sparkling crystals:

    Name:  Abandoned Village.jpg
Views: 506
Size:  13.9 KB Abandoned villages

    They don't have a name tag, the houses are decayed, there is no village tree, huge rocks surround the area in which a new village community may settle.
    Name:  Village Transformations, 0.jpg
Views: 516
Size:  15.7 KB No transformations

    Flat landscape with some fir trees.
    Name:  Village Transformations, 1.jpg
Views: 519
Size:  13.8 KB One transformation

    A knoll begins to rise, a little pond on its top.
    Name:  Village Transformations, 2.jpg
Views: 514
Size:  14.9 KB Two transformations

    The hill is growing considerably, a well is purling into the pond.
    Name:  Village Transformations, 3.jpg
Views: 507
Size:  14.7 KB Three transformations

    The hill is becoming higher and steeper, rocks are erupting from its top.
    Name:  Village Transformations, 4.jpg
Views: 510
Size:  14.6 KB Four transformations

    A mystical gate appeared on the hilltop between all the rocks.
    Name:  Village Transformations, 5.jpg
Views: 516
Size:  16.2 KB Five transformations

    The pond has vanished and a tree with bright red leaves is now growing on the hilltop, instead of the mystical gate several menhirs are flanking it.
    Name:  Village Transformations, 6 and 7.jpg
Views: 500
Size:  14.9 KB Six and seven transformations

    On top of the hill you can now see a grave mound, with a little fir tree growing on it and a low campfire in front.
    Name:  Village Transformations, 8 and 9.jpg
Views: 507
Size:  16.4 KB Eight and nine transformations

    The hill is growing into a mountain, the rock face that appeared literally looks like a friendly stone face.
    Name:  Village Transformations, 10 and 11.jpg
Views: 506
Size:  15.0 KB Ten and eleven transformations

    A widespread forest is growing on the flanks of the mountain, the first blue and purple crystals are showing between the grey rocks on its top.
    Name:  Village Transformations, 12 and 13.jpg
Views: 499
Size:  16.5 KB Twelve and thirteen transformations

    A single chamois has climbed the mountain's top, more purple crystals are growing from the rocks.
    Name:  Village Transformations, 14 and 15.jpg
Views: 505
Size:  15.9 KB Fourteen and fifteen transformations

    The path to the summit is lined with crystals, a steep stair of rough stone leads to a hermits home beside the pond, that has reappeared.
    Name:  Village Transformations, 16 up.jpg
Views: 511
Size:  15.9 KB Sixteen and more transformations

    Powerful sparkling crystals have been growing thanks to so many transformations, fresh water is cascading down from the peak into a clear lake.
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