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Thread: Season Gallery - All about "Old Cultures"

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    Season Gallery - All about "Old Cultures"


    Dear Miramagicians,

    a lot of you have been waiting for something like this: an overview of all seasonal items and spells. If you are searching for something special, just have a look at the list of contents and click the topic you're interested in.

    I want to give huge thanks to the russian player SpiritRain, who designed the originals of the charts you will find in this thread and who allowed us to use her work and adapt it.

    Special notes about the "Old Cultures" season:
    - In 2015 this season lasts from April 28th to May 6th.
    - In 2014 this season lasted from June 28th to July 7th.
    - The icon that goes with the "Old Cultures" season is a black cat with a beige amphora.
    You will find it throughout this thread flanking the topics in the charts and in the game every item or spell that originates from that season is attached with it, too.

    -If you are working on your "Landscape design for perfectionists" achievement during a season, remember you don't need to buy the seasonal items for it.

    List of Contents

    Map of the village

    Outdoor Decoration Items (Garden Inventory)
    - ... at the Corner Shop
    - ... Gifts
    - ... at the Win Systems

    Indoor Decoration Items (Furniture Inventory)

    Clothes at Emma and Emilio's World of Fashion

    - House Jester
    - Village tree decoration
    - Pranks
    - Effects

    Festival Seed


    Festive Seeds

    Blue Miramayan art
    Huge archaeological find
    Mysterious cult symbol
    Rug of chronology
    Vibrant Miramayan art
    Vitamin-rich stone alter

    Stubborn messenger

    Hair Styles
    Glorious plaits
    Magnificent crown of feathers
    Nile headdress
    Pompeii curls
    Powerful hair
    Vesuvian tuft

    Basic Horned Hat
    Grand Nordic Helmet
    Headdress of being seen
    Majestic Headdress
    Ritual flying helmet

    House Jester
    Art of carpentry
    Palace of the gods
    Terrace wonder

    Dancing dragon of gold

    Light Precious Thread
    Miramayan festival dress
    Norseman’s Armour
    Plain forest dress
    Robe of the Founder

    Ancient Symposium (7 seats)
    Forest throne (1 seat)
    Historical dragon ship (2 seats)
    Painted Elephant (3 seats)
    Rite of honour (4 seats)
    Sun Trap (1 seat)

    Sorcerer’s Corner Shop
    Brindled llama
    Brown llama
    Elastic entangled roots
    Elastic roots
    Female black bear
    Flower pedestal
    Glowing jungle fern
    Golden idol
    Magnificent spring
    Mighty stag
    Noble dromedary
    Nordic carthorse
    Olympic quality work
    Oval gold portal
    Oval stone portal
    Rune stone of the moon
    Rune stone of the sun
    Squat cocoa tree
    Stone idol
    Stray bear cub
    Strong entangled roots
    Strong root
    Temple fragment
    Temple fragment (arch)
    Thick cocoa tree
    Troll bush
    Twin fangs
    White llama

    A founder…
    Emerald Pegasus

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