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Thread: Chat and Forum Rules . . .a thread of explanation and exploration

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    Chat and Forum Rules . . .a thread of explanation and exploration

    This thread will present posts on aspects of chat and forum rules.

    If you would like to make a response feel free to pm me inforum - until I can work out why the permissions don't work! - and I will use your responses!

    Ultimately the Rules are those laid down by TG, and we all agreed to them when we signed up to miramagia - all this thread's intention is to clarify.
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    A long time ago TG created a game and a set of Rules regarding posting links in chat and forum.

    Here are the words from the GameRules:

    2.3. We do not allow any links in the Chat, Profile or Forum that contain offensive or pornographic content, or content of an extreme right-wing nature. We also do not allow links to other browser games, or links that are given purely for advertising purposes, or links that lead to other so-called 'don't click' sites.

    Over time, and different servers this became managed as no links at all. With the proliferation of ads in all sorts of previously ad free sites this became the easiest option.

    Now we are one server, not 5, it is time to review the situation.

    You would like to post a link in chat or valleys?

    Please follow these simple steps:

    1. Is it a TG/Miramagia link such as forum? If yes please go ahead. Examples are threads in forum

    2. Is it a link that leads to an ad banner, or any type of ad? (please bear in mind that not all players have ad blockers installed) youtube is increasingly showing ad banners, for instance . Yes? No. please do not post

    3. Is it a link to a chat site, to something expressly forbidden in the above rule? If yes then under NO circumstances should you post a link. Doing so is regarded as a serious infringement of the rules.

    If in doubt . . ask!

    The mods and chat supporters have been trained to check a site and make a decision as to a site's suitability.

    If in doubt ask!

    if no mod or chat supporter is around feel free to ask support's assistance.

    Posting links in pm remains unchanged,

    This applies to both game and forum

    Any questions? Ask them below - it is a moderated thread - and the questions will be used to revise this text.

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