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Thread: Miramagia Comic Strip

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serpent Goddess View Post
    LOL...Typical Dog!!! However, if she screamed 'Cookie', Dog may have assisted in a round about way :P
    Wrong person, I'm the one in chat who likes cookies :/

    I am them and they are me,
    Together we are a trio of three.
    When I am lost, alone or sad,
    You often seem to make me glad...?

    Why is it that you are always around?
    Helping me to "stand my ground".
    It doesn't matter where I go,
    Where I am, you always know.

    Sometimes I hate you, you make me cry,
    Sometimes I wish I could say goodbye.
    However I can not do so,
    You are myself, we together know...

    When were together it's always me, myself and I.

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    The story continues...

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    Oh dear me Run Goobi! Run! our sweets need his mighty turtle-ness.
    btw really enjoying your comic Aliya =^.^=
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    can we get a little high resolution speech bubbles somehow?? i cant read the one where goobi is running towards sweets in the last frame :\ :\
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    Sorry, obelix.. the problem is - when I have to adjust the size of the picture to fit it into the strip, somehow the lettering gets seriously affected, even if the change is minimal or if I actually enlarge the picture Then if the upload is wider than the writing space of the posting, the picture will be reduced to fit in - and the settings for pictures here are different from the german forum... till now I haven't found out how to insert an image in fixed original size.

    But maybe you can zoom the browser to enlarge the pictures: just press "Strg" and scroll with your mouse it's worth a try.

    However, the text is
    "Fear not, dear maid! I'll save you from peril - even if it costs my life..."

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    Wow!!~ Aliya you have a great talent!! Please continue

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    save her quickly Lord G!! *crosses fingers* hopefully sweet has strong lungs

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    Looks at watch. Taps fingers on the desk and finally decides to go into stasis until the next episode comes out in order to preserve the finger nails.
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