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Thread: Punkpoets Poetry Thread

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    Thankyou punkpoet, kind words like yours do make you feel good
    YOU are awesome! Remember that...

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    They will never find us,
    We are lost to the world...
    They will always think they lost us,
    It is impossible that they could...
    Hiding away in these hobbit holes,
    The ones we now call home...
    Never to be found again,
    Free to forever roam...
    YOU are awesome! Remember that...

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    Hear a horn blown, from far away,
    Wasting time now, just lost another day,
    Soon it will be over, just wait a while,
    Oh don't frown, put on a smile!

    The others are hiding, in the tall and thick bracken,
    Waiting for us to signal, and they will begin hacking,
    Away at the forest, that contains forever,
    The day is almost over now, keep on moving!

    Motivational words from the back of the crew,
    But everyone knows they are feeling quite blue,
    All we wish for is for something to eat,
    But for now we must get up on our own two feet!

    As the creatures surround us, we try to scare them away,
    But it isn't working, now that is clear as day,
    They are getting closer, not making a sound,
    Hear the screams as we hit the ground!

    But now it is all over,
    Take your time and rollover,
    Escape from the place,
    Buck Up, With Haste!
    YOU are awesome! Remember that...

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    An offering from Yogi

    I called this one see him shimmy, it's kind of old but my poems don't come often and they're rarely fit to share. That said I have greatly enjoyed reading all the offerings here and so I shall offer up my own that it may hopefully please some of you.

    Hear the roar of a beast among kings,
    hear the roar, see the fire he flings.
    Striding through ruins and glory distraught,
    surely the flames round his edges have caught?
    Still though with pride, through this man made decay,
    the beast stroll on seeking his prey.
    Now he burns, his frame alight with rage,
    but all is for naught on this worlds great stage.
    Seeking out the warmth and soul of humanity,
    finds just cold fear for his wrathful insanity.
    Still standing proud in ash and remains,
    memories of humanity this beast retains.

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    Oh my.....i got tears in my eyes....

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    This is my poem I done ages ago about friendships and just found this thread so I thought i'd share it

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