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Thread: Punkpoets Poetry Thread

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    Feeling very tired
    and a little wired
    happy i have inspired
    and feedback ive acquired

    A little something as I haven't posted thanks to those who have said they have enjoyed, very happy to have been told by people I don't know that they have enjoyed them
    Though I'd love to hear some of your poems

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    You are the one

    You are the one i miss
    Hugs from you are bliss
    You are the one who will always try
    And help me when I cry
    You are the one who make me laugh
    Even if you have to act daft
    You are the one who will always give me a hug
    and from you i always feel snug
    Lastly you are the one whos always here
    And when I'm with you I never fear

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    By the way everyone is welcome to post, I encourage it

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    We had to make a poem at school, in English. So I decided to make mine about me and Pest. The teacher said we needed descriptive words, blah, etc. So when I talk about myself, that part was only to impress the teacher in my vocab, i'm not boasting about myself, I swear! Sorry it is quite a long read too... Here it is.

    In a magical, glowing world called Mira
    Where the grass is always green
    Down the hill of buttercups
    Sits a house down by a stream

    A shape shifter who takes the form of a rat
    Sits joyfully nibbling her cookie
    She eats anything her eyes meet
    And her friends called her Sookie

    She has golden hazel eyes of delight
    With fur as white as snow
    And when it hits the sunlight
    It really seems to glow

    As she finishes her cookie
    Her dainty tail swishes
    Sookie is lost in a daydream,
    Of glorious food filled wishes

    A knock at the door startles her
    So she leaps out of her seat
    Opening the brown wooden door
    To Pest her eyes meet

    Pest was a small little girl
    She had bright vibrant blue eyes
    With curly bright yellow hair
    She stands there and sighs

    Pest also has fluffy wings
    Of a magical green and blue
    One feather is worth millions
    No kidding, its true!

    Sookie and Pest are a wonderful team
    A rainbow of colour together
    They would never leave each others side
    Together and always forever

    Together they shared cookies
    Though Sookie ate the most!
    Pest laughed, giggled and smiled
    And handed her some warm toast

    Then one dark frosty night
    With a winters cold breeze
    A dragon spread the news of Pest's death
    And Sookie fell to her knees

    "Pest died the day after Christmas
    I'm sorry to tell everyone
    Though it crushes our hearts
    It cannot be undone"

    Though Pest still lives in Sookie heart
    As long as she is around
    Standing by her everyday
    With each paw that hits the ground.

    Here are some pictures from my book I drew. The teacher told us to draw the characters from our poems you see...

    I am them and they are me,
    Together we are a trio of three.
    When I am lost, alone or sad,
    You often seem to make me glad...?

    Why is it that you are always around?
    Helping me to "stand my ground".
    It doesn't matter where I go,
    Where I am, you always know.

    Sometimes I hate you, you make me cry,
    Sometimes I wish I could say goodbye.
    However I can not do so,
    You are myself, we together know...

    When were together it's always me, myself and I.

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    that very lovely sookie aka ratty weldone pest would be impressed with that if she was still here with us god bless.
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    Very good rattie well done and thanks for posting

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    Have you ever stopped for a brief moment and felt everything around you has slowed down and you find yourself watching what seems like an eternity of your life pass you by. I wrote this poem to reflect the times when I have felt this feeling and sat there and watched others pass within a twinkling of an eye

    A moment in time

    At the end of the sea I stand and stare
    Motionless against the fresh air
    Heart beating in rhythmic time
    As the surf crashes upon the shore line

    Watching the waves hitting the beach
    In a world that belongs solely to me
    I dwell on thoughts created hidden deep
    While slowly sounds become obscure to my psyche

    Forgotten perhaps as if the volume was turned down
    I just hear my heart beating a rhythmic sound
    Slowing stopping for a brief moment in the twinkling of an eye
    Not a whisper of clouds in the blue sky

    My world becomes real-time
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    Very nice ecod nice to see some poets

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    A Unicorns Sorrow

    A magical creature stands tall and proud
    With a coat that shimmers like pearls.
    Silky white hair and dainty cloven hoofs,
    And a bright horn that spirals and whirls.
    She holds her head high, and looks all around,
    Then she rears up and paws the air.
    She gives a small nicker and prances about,
    Then out from the brush peeks a small head so fair.
    The tiny little foal, all fluffy and white,
    Steals a timid look and then comes out.
    He trots to his mother and gives her a nudge,
    Then they both play and run about.
    The scene seems right and perfect,
    Until a twang rings through the air.
    With a loud and shocking thud
    An arrow hits what none should dare.
    The foal stands still for a moment,
    Then falls silently to the ground.
    The mother tenses and looks to the brush
    While the forest has stopped all sound.
    With the snap of a twig the hunter runs off
    While the mother sadly nudges her foal.
    As the glade fills with darkness the mother looks up,
    Determined to carry out her new goal.
    Giving one last look at her now dead baby
    The mother runs through the brush.
    The hunter is now become the hunted,
    And both have begun to rush.
    As the darkness draws ever nearer,
    The hunter realizes he's stuck.
    He now knows he must be careful,
    For he has surely pressed his luck.
    As the mother spies his lonely camp
    And keeps and ever watchful eye,
    She has not come to bring him harm,
    And this is the reason why.
    A unicorn is a gentle creature
    That understands a hunter's many reasons.
    They must go on through all the year
    Forgiving through all the seasons.
    So the mother steps in silently
    Walking slowly into the hunter's view.
    She lowers her head and stares him down
    As the forest resumes its sound as if on cue.
    Unable to hold her piercing gaze,
    The hunter sheepishly looks away.
    The mother whinnies in acknowledgment,
    And the hunter knows he cannot stay.
    So silently he thanks her,
    For kindness like hers isn't often found.
    He leaves her forest swiftly and carefully
    As the mother looks on without a sound.

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    Very nice Thor you hammered that lol

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