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Thread: Punkpoets Poetry Thread

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    Punkpoets Poetry Thread

    Hi I have realized that mira does not have a poetry thread so thought I'd start one please feel welcome to write and have fun
    This poem is about the fact that I haven't been able to sleep so forgive me that this poem isn't probably great lol.

    I can't sleep
    I have tried to count sheep
    But i still can't sleep
    Not even a peep
    I wish I could sleep
    I bet I look like a heap
    As I've had no sleep
    My alarm clock beeps
    Oh when will I get to sleep???

    Yeah not great but its a start will do another when i'm not sleep deprived

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    Sad to see no ones had a go
    Has no one got any flow?
    All you need is to write a line or two
    A bit of fun for me and you
    A good way to make new friends
    So get out your pens
    Jot down a little something for me
    Anyone welcome, please all feel free

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    All alone in my despair
    Sometimes my life isn't fair
    There's a cloud in my head
    Sometimes words are better off unsaid
    I just don't know what to do
    Sometimes I wish I could see through
    The answers to the riddles in my mind
    Sometimes I feel so blind
    But I wish my pain would just go away
    Sometimes I just don't know what to say....

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    Good morning
    dragonholt is snoring
    my rhymes are appauling
    thats why my are ignoring? lol

    Sorry really stuck for ryhmes

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    snoring??? me? :P


    All over the world we meet
    weep. . .
    grow plants
    race with our dragons
    dream . . .
    bask in the sunshine
    scheme for the competitions
    making new friends . .
    finding a sister a continent away
    a brother two time zones over
    a villager just 10 minutes drive away . . .


    The windows rattle . . .
    the birds squawk in alarm . . .
    the dog hides under her cushion . .
    the teaspons clink in the mug . . .
    the alarm clock jitters nearer the edge . .


    The dragon . .
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    Faith is to believe

    To believe in something that you cant see
    Close your eyes and feel free
    To not feel lonely when you are alone
    To have all your feelings known
    To know the right path in life
    Even through trouble and strife
    Faith is something I need
    Till then I will not be freed
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    i will try too
    though my english not that good .. don't laugh

    Little things we do
    we seldom stop to think
    what friend willing to do for us
    simple things
    just being there when we cry
    making funny jokes so that we laugh
    take them for granted

    thank you for being there for me
    through my bad time
    laughing together
    i hope
    i wish
    that i am a good friend to you too

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    Very nice nish, nice to see another person posting

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    Still sad at the mention of pest
    Everyday is a test
    She was such a brave person
    Even when her condition worsened
    She didn't want us to be sad
    If she saw us laughing she'd be glad
    But if she saw us upset
    She'd tell us off, I'd bet
    So here's me being serious
    Everything in life is an experience
    You taught me to be strong
    Even if what happens in life is wrong
    All of mira miss you, and you too leecyan

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    Muddled Despair

    Alone in this room
    A feeling of doom
    I feel anger inside
    I feel I have tried
    To make this go away
    Move on to a better day
    But Its still there
    I'm in total despair
    I really need some air
    I can't even breathe
    I just cannot believe
    What is happening to me
    Should I just flee?
    No I need to be free
    And just be me

    A lot of muddled thoughts

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