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    Today our Mira friend JimJersey in Freehurst has asked for Mira prayers and good thoughts. She has a breast mass and will be having biopsy and testing and specialist discussions of treatment options. Please add Mary to your prayer lists and keep her in your thoughts. Stop by and leave flowers or a golden fairy (angel) to let her know our thoughts are with her.

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    I've received a message from JimJersey to ask me to thank all those who have sent gifts, prayers and kindness to help her through her current health scare. So, a big "thank you" and let's hope the continued warmth and magic from our Mira community will lift her spirits and set her on a journey of recovery...

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    Mira prayers and good wishes are powerful for healing and peace.
    Our friend Fe-826 in Pleasant Grove is in need of our loving magic.
    He is in the hospital and needs all that Mira has to offer.

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    Laguna Waves in the Valley of Magic has asked for Magical Mira prayers and healing for CCoyle who is in the hospital. We do not know the circumstances.

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