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Thread: iGuide - All about Dream World

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    Lightbulb iGuide - All about Dream World

    List of Contents
    Just click the topic you're interested in and you will be redirected to the matching posting.

    Access to the Dream World:
    - Your own Dream World - Information about the Portal
    - Other players' Dream Worlds

    What is where in the Dream World?

    The Dream House:

    - Size
    - Furniture Inventory
    - Moving Furniture
    - Floor Tiles
    - Customized Stairs
    - Upgrading
    - Mirafin

    The Islands of the Dream World:
    - General
    - Different Types
    - Islands Bonuses

    Flower tree and treasure chest
    - Flower donation
    - The flower tree's evolution
    - The treasure chest

    Decorating in the Dream World

    Backgrounds of the Dream World

    Eveline’s Dream Workshop

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    Access to Your Own Dream World - Information about the Portal

    You can access your Dream right from the start of the game.
    Until you first enter it your dream world portal is closed by a creeper - other players can not enter it at that state:

    After first entering your dreamworld, the portal will look like that:

    You can access the Dream World by different of ways:
    - You can use the portal near your field or
    - You can teleport from anywhere via the teleport menu by selecting "To Dream World".

    You are able to control who can visit your dream world. If you hold the mouse over the little icon at the top left of the portal, you will get a choice of who is allowed to enter: either all players (many people icon), or just you and your friends (sorcerer with red hat icon) or just you yourself (lock icon) can visit your dream world.
    The icon with the blue circle behind it is your current setting.

    The sockets of the Dream World Portals indicate the rough number of transformations of the owner by its colour and matches the colour of his/her transformation cape:

    * grey socket ~ no transformations
    * purple socket ~ 1-5 transformations
    * yellow socket ~ 6-10 transformations
    * blue socket ~ 11-15 transformations
    * green socket ~ 16-20 transformations
    * red socket ~ 21+ transformations
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    Visit other players' Dream Worlds

    You can visit the Dream Worlds of other players if they are unlocked and the player allows you access.
    To do this you can...
    * use the portal near their field or
    * choose from the player mini menu.

    This menu you can see when you click the name of a player in chat, in your friends list or in the town hall.

    If you are denied access, the portal tells you the reason why:
    This portal only allows the owner to enter.

    This Portal, only the owner and those on the friends list can use - you are not friends with that player.

    When the portal of another player is accessible to you, it appears without additional icons.
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    What is where in the Dream World?

    In the Dream World, you can find several areas with interesting features.

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    The Dream House - Size

    The Dream House is your home estate, your Mansion, in the Dream World.

    First of all, the estate has to be cleared of tendrils. Follow the path. A click on the building is enough to unlock the Dream World spells in your spell books. Your path into the estate is then free, too...

    The Size of the Dream House or Mansion

    You can find your Mansion in the upper part of the dream world. The design of the mansion matches your character class along with your house in the main game village.

    Depending on how often you've transformed, it is different in size:

    • Without transformation: 6x6 tiles
    • 1 Transformation: 8x6 tiles
    • 2 Transformations: 9x7 tiles
    • 3 Transformations: 12x7 tiles
    • 4 Transformations: a terrace with 10x3 tiles is added
    • 5 or more Transformations: the terrace grows to 10x7 tiles

    You can enter your Dream House by clicking the gateway or the house. You can leave it by clicking on the outdoor area.

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    The Dream House - Furniture Inventory

    You can furnish your home just as you wish. You will find some basic items already in your Mansion when you first arrive there. You can buy other equipment items in Eveline's Dream Workshop in the City.

    Placing furniture works just like placing decoration items in your village or at the outside areas in your Dream World. Select the decoration icon at the left side of your bottom tool bar - this opens the Inventory menu.

    Click the armchair icon to access the Furniture Inventory. Select an item by clicking it and move it to the place you want it to be.


    • Many objects can be rotated - just press space on your keyboard while the item is still attached to your cursor!
    • You can rotate Chairs and Stools in any direction, and so determine the direction a seated player is facing.
    • If you want to make a major renovation, you can do so easily by using the "Collect everything" option.
    • Follow this link to read more about Eveline's Dream Workshop: -click me-
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    The Dream House - Moving Furniture

    Like outdoor decoration items you can also move individual furniture objects which have been already placed - you can move, rotate or put them back into your inventory. To do this you need to click on the 'Move Fittings' Spell - the armchair icon in your bottom toolbar.

    By clicking an item, you will now be presented with a little menu which allows you to choose from different options. 'Furniture inventory' will open your inventory; 'Move within the house' will also allow you to rotate items by pressing the space bar on your keyboard.

    If 'Move Fittings' is not enabled, you can just click a seating to sit down without having to confirm the action in such a menu - other furniture can't be clicked on.

    Tip: Remember to get up when you want to move items around - because when you're sitting, you can not move other seatings, just "normal" furniture.
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    The Dream House - Flooring

    You can also remodel the flooring in your Dreamworld Estate. Depending on the level of your Dream House and on the number of transformations already performed there are different tile designs to choose from.
    Activate the magic by clicking on the spell icon 'Virtuoso Grounds' in the 'Dreamworld modification spell collection':

    A menu screen opens for you, displaying a variety of available and future floor tile designs - designs for which you don't fulfill the requirements yet are marked with a lock:

    From this menu you can now select a tile design and place it wherever you want to install this floor. The mana costs will vary - the more exclusive the tile, the more expensive... but if you do not like your choices, you can move the tile around until you are happy or choose another design and go on or replace your earlier selection.
    Choose the tile that you want to install by clicking it and when you are ready, select 'Buy' to confirm your selection or discard it by leaving the menu via the 'X' .

    Tip: You can add more variety of tiles instantly in preview mode by clicking the small arrow next to the 'Buy' button - this reopens the 'Virtuoso Grounds' menu and allows you to choose a different design.

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    The Dream House - Customized stairs

    Once you have transformed at least four times, a terrace gets attached to your Dream House to give you even more space to furnish your home. This terrace is linked to the rest of your Dream House by a staircase, and like the floor tiles or the background motif, the design of the staircase can be changed.

    To do this, select the 'Stair specialist' spell from your 'Dream World modification spell collection':
    Name:  Dreamworld Modification Spell Collection Window, stairs.jpg
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    This opens a spellbook menu to choose from - at first you have to learn to master a special design (a fee of Mana or Rubies must be paid)
    Name:  Stair Specialist, learn.jpg
Views: 800
Size:  40.8 KB

    Once you're able to perform a spell you are free to use it. Simply click the desired design and confirm your choice with the yellow action button at the bottom right.
    Changing the design of your staircase always takes 100 Mana for using magic.
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    The Dream House - Upgrading

    Like all other buildings you can also upgrade your Dream House.

    Initially it is set to level One. Three further upgrade levels are available. If your house has reached a new stage, do visit Eveline's Dream Workshop to browse for the now unlocked furniture!

    As your house grows, so the gate, the towers and the walls must be strengthened. The expansion will cost mana and takes some time. When you are ready to start an expansion, select the hammer icon to "Upgrade estate".

    In the menu you can then decide which part of the building you want to build next and make the choice you are happy with. You have to upgrade all three parts of your estate one by one to unlock the next level. Parts that have already been finished are ticked off - parts of the higher levels are marked with a golden lock - select the next part from the parts which show a coloured picture:

    Hint: Using "Mirafin" can help shorten the upgrading.

    => Read more about the Mirafin spell.
    => Lists of costs and times of Dream House upgrades.
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