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Thread: iGuide - All about Dream World

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    The Dream House - Mirafin

    By using the "Mirafin" spell you can reduce the upgrade time of your Dream World Estate.

    Depending on the Mansion level there are different reductions of time:

    • If your building is at level 1, any application of Mirafin saves 6 hours
    • If you are on level 2, each application of Mirafin saves 18 hours
    • If you are at level 3, the reduction in time is 24 hours

    You can apply Mirafin as often as you want.
    In order to use the spell, you have to charge it with fresh direct Miragic. That can be achieved, for example, by doing the Alchemy quests, delivering to the Premium Questie; the normal Questies give Miragic if you fulfil their orders with plants, and don't jinx them; every finished dragon race rewards you with miragic points depending on the sort of race and the rank your dragon reached; serving Mirella in the valley, growing and harvesting Miramitsus and miragic drinks (mushroom recipe) are further possibilities.

    For each application of Mirafin, only a certain amount Miragie must be generated, which increases slightly each time. You can see the amount of Mirafin you have collected by looking at the display underneath the Miragic counter in the top bar.

    Produce more Miragic

    By clicking the Miragic counter in the top tool bar you can also hide the Mirafin fill bar. The tooltip will tell you how much Miragic you need this time. To show this, move your cursor over the progress bar. When the required mount of Miragic has been reached the display indicates 100% and changes to a button which you can use to apply the spell directly to the upgrade:

    Use Mirafin now!

    The application doesn't consume any Miragic, but is a reward for having collected the required amount of Miragic.

    Hint: Follow this link to look up the Miragic needed for each application: -click me-
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    The Islands of the Dream World - General

    General Information

    There are four Crystal Islands in the Dream World where powerful benefits can be achieved. Certain conditions have to be achieved in the game in order to acquire these benefits.

    Each island has three stages of achievement - each stage has to be unlocked by reaching the necessary achievement, and the higher the stage the better the bonus. Some of these tasks you will be able to fulfill quite quickly; other stages may take a long time.
    This provides a challenge for even the most experienced players!

    As soon as the Achievement for the first stage is reached the island is available for decorating.
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    The Islands of the Dream World - Different Types

    Red Crystal Island

    This island is all about mushrooms.

    The bonuses are between:

    1. Additional chance to get a doubled harvest of mushrooms (fungus itself and the fungus' direct reward) and
    increasing the daily limit for collecting mushrooms or

    More mushrooms can grow in your village and Dream World and the daily limit for the collection of fungi increases

    Green Crystal Island

    The focus for this island is the "Seal of Returns" spell.

    You choose between these bonuses:

    1. Harvest time slot of the spell "Seal of Returns" is extended or

    2. Bonus of the spell "Seal of Returns" is increased (yield and experience - yield includes seed, mana and miragic depending on which plants you're growing)

    Golden Crystal Island

    Gold fashions the bonus for this island.

    You choose between:

    1. More Gold at competition prizes or

    2. More Gold for orders of Questies and Premium Questie

    Purple Crystal Island

    This island is about Transformations.

    You choose between:

    1. Reward in the form of gold, mana and rubies for restarting after each transformation or

    2. All buildings are immediately set to a certain level after each transformation

    Special note: Even with bonus 1) all buildings are automatically set to level 1 after a transformation. Choosing bonus 2) will replace it, not add to it.

    Hint: Follow this link for a list of the exact bonuses: -click me-
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    The Islands of the Dream World - Selecting Bonuses

    When you click on an island, a menu window opens that tells you about the different bonuses that are possible on that island and how you can earn them. A tooltip (found when you move your cursor to the required achievement) gives you details on what you need to do to achieve this.

    You can find the required achievement and other personal information in your Profile area.
    The bonus you have selected remains active until you have met the prerequisite for the next stage of this island, at which point you can choose between new powerful bonus options.

    Please, make a note about:

    • A new level of a bonus replaces the old bonus. It does not add to it.

    • Changing the type of bonus when reaching a new level can help you find out which of the two alternatives serves you better.

    • If you need to change the type of your bonus (either if your bonus is at stage three or you can't wait until you reach the next stage) you can do it with the 'Reset island advantage' option. You have 3 free uses of that reset option (even though the button reads 'Buy'), every further use takes a fee of a few rubies.
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    Flower tree and treasure chest

    Flower donation

    Every day you can donate one flower to a player of your choice. If you haven't donated your daily flower yet, the welcome screen will notify you about it.

    If you visit a Dream World and like it very much, you, the visiting player, can show your appreciation and leave a flower for the flower tree. All you need to do is simply click on the flower tree in this particular dream world - you will find it near the Dream House, just above the purple bonus island.
    A ranking in the Town Hall informs all players which Dream Worlds are the most popular for that particular month. At the beginning of a new month, this list starts at 0 for all players and the owners of the most popular Dream Worlds of the last month are honoured in an IGM to all players. A second ranking lists all flowers ever donated.

    The flower tree's evolution

    Like other items in Miramagia, the appearance of the flower tree evolves - according to the number of flowers donated to that Dream World. After the 20th flower it will lose most of those but sprout a few new leaves instead as a second stage; there are five stages.

    original appearance -
    0 flowers donated
    first stage,
    in full bloom -
    20 flowers donated
    second stage
    and 1 flower -
    21 flowers donated
    third stage
    and 3 flowers -
    43 flowers donated
    fourth stage
    and 1 flower -
    61 flowers donated
    fifth stage
    and 4 flowers -
    84 flowers donated
    final appearance -
    100+ flowers donated

    A tool tip tells you how many flowers you or another player have received during the current month. Hold the mouse cursor on the flowering tree.

    The treasure chest

    If a player is lvl 20+, donating a flower produces treasures for both the donor and the recipient. After a transformation, you keep the ability to produce treasures.
    At donating a flower, the treasure will be rewarded directly - at receiving a flower, it will be put into the treasure chest in front of the flower tree. As soon as there are treasures in it, a promising refulgence emanates from within.

    The treasure chest can hold up to 6 treasures at a time, so any additional flower donations won't produce treasures for the owner - after emptying it there will be a certain waiting period until it can be emptied again.

    There are various sorts of treasures:
    • Gold - donor lvl x 100, but 10,000 at the max
    • Mana - donor lvl x 50, but 5,000 at the max
    • 2 Rubies
    • Decoration items for the garden or your Dream House, even seasonal ones

    Hint: A transformation does not affect your treasure chest - a filled chest does neither keep you from transforming nor lose its treasures by transforming. So saving treasures and emptying the chest after a transformation can give you a boost of gold and mana.
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    Decorating in the Dream World

    In the Dream World there is plenty of space available, just for you to decorate all alone. Along the main path from the Portal up to your Dream House, the garden area, and the very small island can be decorated right from the start.

    The areas on the islands must be unlocked before you can decorate them, too.

    This is quite easy: as soon as the prerequisite for the first stage of the island bonus has been reached and you have decided on one of the two possible bonuses, you are automatically able to decorate that new island.

    Hint: The function "Collect Everything" acts only where you are right now! So if you're in the village the "Collect Everything" command will collect all the decorations in your village; the same command in the Dream World will collect all the dreamworld decorations - the two worlds remain separate for that.
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    Sky Art - Backgrounds for the Dream World

    You can give your Dream World your very personal touch with a background theme to your liking. You will find a range of Sky Art motifs in the spell book options.

    Before you can use a background, you have to learn it first - it will cost Mana or rubies. Particularly exclusive background images will be available as weekly prizes on the Wheel of Fortune, if you win one of these it will be ready to use at once. Changing the background costs a small amount of mana, but significantly less than the original cost of learning the spell.

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    Eveline's Dream Workshop

    In the city you'll find Eveline's Dream Workshop - at the southern corner of the plaza, with a magenta coloured roof.

    Here you can buy furnishings for your Estate, your Dream House. Depending on the level of your Estate and the number of transformations performed more and more items become available to you.

    All items are roughly grouped by sort (eg. tables, seatings, plants, carpets...) and sorted by preconditions within these groups - little icons tell you about them. Filter options at the top allow you to enable/disable being shown
    • items without requirements
    • items with your estate's building level requirements
    • items with your transformation level requirements

    I. This item has no special requirements - anyone can acquire it.

    II. This item is available if your Estate is at least level 3.

    III. This item requires at least one transformation.

    If an object costs rubies, this is also indicated - green tick marks tell you if you already own that item (the tooltip even tells you their number)
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