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Thread: Android Companion App Feedback

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    Android Companion App Feedback

    Woot! an App! I thought we could put our feedback and findings here

    First.. I really like the ease of use. It was perfect for me, as I was away from home for the week and was otherwise trying to harvest on my tablet (very cumbersome). The App is relatively faster to load than the game itself, still slightly slow in my opinion. Harvesting and field functions were extremely easy to use. I did notice that if the WiFi signal wasn't strong then these functions would hang up.

    2 things I found didn't work: save password ... and baliff wouldn't work at all.

    I'm really looking forward to BB being added

    Overall, Thanks for the App!!!!

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    i have been away for the weekend and it has been so good to use the app to ensure I didn't lose out on my daily log ins and tree watering, I planted crops that would grow while i was away, the only thing i couldn't do was share xp. Everything else worked fine. Baliff and password save were fine. Thank you so much for this app.

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    I had to wait over 24 hrs after clicking to install in the Google shop before it actually installed on my phone. Definitely worth the wait though. I was a little disappointed that I could only collect mushrooms once without using rubies but I can live with that! So good to know the app is there when I need it.

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    There are some very nice features in this app, it is definitely a great companion! I have found all features to work; took me a little while to figure out the Harvest/Replant panel but finally the lightbulb went on.

    I especially like the "collect all available mushrooms at once (one time a day for free)" feature. Even if I am not using the app for mushroom-collecting, it's worth checking in the app before I sign on to the game so I know where the mushrooms are located, that way if I don't have time to explore the village I can just go get the ones I am most in need of.

    I find that if I am signed in to the game and start up the companion app, my game will freeze and I will need to sign out and back in again (after closing the app). No problem with that, but I was surprised the first few times it happened, it might be good to warn people that only 1 can be open at a time.

    And THANK YOU for introducing this as an Android app first! Many of us who don't use Apple products are used to being afterthoughts when people develop for the i-whatever first, so it's very nice to get first crack at an app for a change.

    Well done, looking forward to it being extended in the future.

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    We'll be working out the bugs in the app as we find them. Glad to know things are working (almost) as intended. :P

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    where do we report problems with the app? looked everywhere but couldn't find anything about app not running etc

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    A question about the companion app: if we use it to sign in and do some minimal things, does it count as a consecutive day's sign-in for the counter? I'm going to guess yes, but I'm not sure I will offer to do the experiment and chance losing a day.

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    danincholls, I send a message straight to

    I have run into the problem that I can't see my entire field and so I lose plants in the corner to withering or all of my plants because I can't see the timer after some have withered. The app does make things easier, but yeah, kinks are around.
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    Cool Implement this to PC

    Quote Originally Posted by Eleanor Rigby View Post
    "collect all available mushrooms at once (one time a day for free)" feature.

    "checking in the app before I sign on to the game so I know where the mushrooms are located."
    BOTH of these features would be nice in the PC version.

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    yes if you have problems with the app do send your queries to

    Yes, logging in to the app should mean your regularity bonus is set as usual. It certainly seems to be so.

    Delighted to hear it's been so well received! I'm certainly enjoying having that option
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