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    [Game Chat Moderator] Niknar

    I am Niknar, you may already know me from com chat room but if not,here goes
    I'm 24 and stand at an adorable 5ft 2" (with 5inch stilettos) I hail from the valley of Lakes on mira, but in real life I come from the beautiful Island nation of Seychelles. I am quite the tropical girly girl, I love sand sea suntanning and surfing, and of course I adore Miramagia.

    I have only been playing since March 2013 but my soft spoken,sweet and helpful character has merited me the position of chatmod, I am pleasantly surprised and plan to do my best in helping one and all on mira, while still being the friendly silly person I naturally am. So please,feel free to speak to me ^_^ join me either in the city (where I love waiting to be turned into the cute pink piggy) or in the general chat where I am usually up to some role playing mischief.
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