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Thread: Tips and tricks to make your first transformation easier

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    The other players in my village are not very active, so cooperative action is pretty pointless. I have contributed a lot to big orders in anticipation of transformation, but those won't "mature" for a while. I put a LOT into competitions, from my storehouse and by buying plants, but I seriously underestimated how competitive some villages are. In short, I am not getting as much money as I had hoped after my first transformation. The one thing I did that saved my hind end was to buy a few very expensive decorations before transformation. Afterward, I've been selling them back and making enough to continue my buildings while trying to survive in competitions and growing carrots. I seriously dislike carrots...

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    ... what do you mean by "mature"?
    if you are surfing BOs - that's always a bit risky as you don't know when they will be ended or if other villages might donate so much that you don't get any gold from them at all... and of course you need some gold for the start. decoration is fine

    i hope you didn't donate a lot of expensive plants to BOs but leaving big amounts for your fellow villagers to end it? it's always better to choose BOs you can fill up right to the last plant and end it after transforming.
    and of course you can gift yourself with loads of red crooked-coniferes and sell them at emma's just as you would do with decoration. emma pays 5% of the initial mana costs - 500 gold for every red crooked-conifere.

    good luck with your carrots though

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    Hi all people!

    Sorry for "revive" an old thread, I have a doubt about transformation...

    Miramagia Answers said: The Magical Transformation will transform certain items into Miragic", and then describes the items that would be lost in the process.
    My question is:
    Plants you have in Store House, gold and mana... are they transformed into Miragic?

    If it is so, then I deduce that there are 2 ways of playing:
    1. The "solidarious path": Donate all your possesions, keep nothing for yourself, for the benefit of the World Tree (and the whole world)
    2. The "individualist path": all the tips mentioned above, participating in Big Orders, etc.

    Am I right? Or is it that gold, mana and plants don't transform into Miragic?
    Thanks in advance for the answer, and good game!

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    Hello Juan,
    You don't have to choose between donating miragic and participating in big orders and other things. When you reach level 100, the miragic for gold, plants, building levels etc is frozen, so everything you do thereafter will not affect the amount of miragic you donate to the world tree. So if you donate to big orders before level 100 the amount of miragic given to the world tree is decreased, but if you donate after level 100 the amount of miragic will be the same as if you simply had transformed without spending the gold. So to conclude: Spend all gold, plants and mana before you transform.

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    Thanks for the explanation, Dragoness!!
    And good game!

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    HI! has anyone checked to see if casting a zone before transformation still buffs plants for after your transformation.
    Wouldn't the level of 'buff' be zero after transf? I just trusted that knowledge but never actually checked : )

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    The zone will stay but return to level 1.
    You have a question? Look here for your answer: Miramagia Answers
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    Moderators are volunteers therefore you are not able to reach them 24/7.

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    Hey Juan, just and added note.
    Even though your miramagic donation freezes once you hit level 100 for your mana, gold, etc. You can still slowly add more to it by completing tasks that give you miramagic after you've hit 100. So if you're not ready to transform right away, completing things like the lab puzzles, questies and other offers that give the miramagic are still a good thing to do until you're ready to transform.
    No need to rush either until you're ready to do so.

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