A warm welcome to our manual about the legendary Dragon Races, the most exiting competitions of fame, glory and treasures, high in the sky of our wonderful Miramagia World.

Practice Races and Dragon Races
All newcomers are recommended to perform the practice races, as here you will learn how to send your Dragon on a safe trip, without getting anyone into trouble.
Frequent Flyer and all those who feel ready for a real race, can participate themselves and their Dragon to the Dragon Races.
You are still able to continue your farming, even if you are taking part of the Races.
Able to participate are all those who have a Dragon of level 1 and higher. Access to these Races can be found in your Dragon Lair.

About Flying
To move your Dragon around on the map, you can click one of the three waypoints ahead of him and determine the length of his flight.
The longer your Dragon flies at once, the more Endurance it consumes. Long-haul flights over three fields are generally riskier than a flight from waypoint to waypoint. However, the advantage is that your dragon will save time when he is flying over several waypoints at a time. The opening window, when you click on a waypoint, will show you how much time would you save, if necessary.
During a race with opponents, clever tactics can gain advantages and result in gaining distance.

The Cancellation
In case of an emergency, you can stop a running race. To do this, Click on the
White Flag on the positioning screen. You thereby lose your position and possible chance on rewards.
The white flag can only use once every 7 days, so choose a cancellation wisely. If there are only 2 participants in a Race, a Race can not be cancelled.
It is also possible to cancel a flight by using the little white flag in the window of your Dragons Flight. Your Dragon then ends its flight and returns back at the starting point, by doing this you will lose some valuable time during the race.

The Treasure
Every time your Dragon lands on a waypoint first, it will collect the hidden treasure there
The chest can hide all sorts of things: from everyday useful resources to coveted magic cookies for the immediate recovery of a certain number of Endurance Points to Rubies.
Sometimes also a teleportation mechanism is hidden in the trunk which carries your Dragon through Magical Turbulence to a waypoint forwards or backwards.
The small hint: the hidden treasures on the map are different depending on the race mode. At a slow race, the treasures will turn out better than the fastest race mode.

The course is divided into different zones. Zones are based on the colors which you see on the map: waypoints with the same color represent a zone.
Zones are particularly important for the use of spells. I will talk more about the magic in later chapters in more detail.
The casting of most magic is limited to one per zone. Once your dragon has landed in a new zone, all spells are available again.

The Regeneration
Even the strongest Dragon will not succeed flying an entire map without rest. With each flight segment your Dragon consumes a certain amount of Endurance. The less Endurance he has, the riskier it is to fly.
Each dragon has a very small, natural amount of regeneration, which slowly fills up his Endurance when he's not flying. You can also command him to go to in a restful sleep, so he can regenerate his Endurance faster.
To make your dragon have such a great night's sleep, you just click on him and determine the duration of the regeneration phase. The less Endurance your Dragon has at the beginning of the recovery phase, the faster it regenerates.
Cleverly planned recovery time is no doubt better than a failing a flight!

The Weather
Each time your dragon lands, you see the weather conditions where he flew. These are represented by matching symbols on the map.
Sometimes your dragon will land on a treasure chest revealing the weather conditions ahead. These are also shown on the map with the matching symbol.
Depending on the weather situation, your Dragon will need more or less Endurance for each waypoint. Also see the next chapter.

Weather Protection
As mentioned in the previous chapter, the weather affects the amount of Endurance that your Dragon consumes on a distance. Before his flight, you can him cast a Spell that will protect it from certain weather conditions. If on his journey he gets in such weather, it will consume less Endurance due to his protective spell.
The effect only remains effective duration of the next flight, when landing the Dragon, the effect disappears. Protective spells on your dragon have to be casted before departure and chosen what type of weather you want to protect him with.

To aid the selection of an appropriate protection spell, you have two weather spells available. These will reveal the weather on any part of the track your Dragon has not flown yet.
Should the magic be used on the waypoint in front of the current position, it then reveals the weather conditions of the following 3 waypoints.

Endurance Spell
No magic collection of any travel-loving Dragon keeper would be complete without the ability to regenerate the Endurance of your own Dragon for a specific amount.
Unfortunately, in this part of the Miramagia world, two very powerful spells are no longer taught, so usually you can only use the moderate version.
On his travels, your Dragon may find specific artifacts which will enable the use of more powerful Spells.

Magical Attack
To make the flight of your opponents a little more difficult, different attack spells are available
First of all, you can summon a thunderstorm to a certain section. All dragons that are on this stretch, lose half of their Endurance.
Secondly, you can use a noise attack to disrupt regeneration. All dragons on the targeted waypoint at the time of the spell which are regenerating, are awakened by the attack and only recover naturally.

Magical Defense
Besides the attack spells, defenses against your opponents are also available. During the race, at critical points, it helps to guard against attacks. For this purpose, you have two defensive spells available, which you can use like the weather protection spells cast directly on your Dragon.
Protection from storm is, of course, only available before the flight. It stops working after landing, just like the weather protection spells. The noise spell can only be chosen before your Dragon regenerates on its current waypoint. It expires at the end of the regeneration phase. Please note, only one protection spell can be active on your Dragon.

Dragon Size
Different sizes of Dragons have different skills in the race.
Little Dragons have less Endurance but also regenerate faster and have a lesser chance of problems with a thunderstorm.
Big Dragons are stronger and thus have more Endurance and a higher airspeed.
Even if a larger Dragon starts with a slight advantage during a race because of his strength and experience, a little dragon still stands a chance against an adult, if he uses smart tactics.

Rank List
On the right side you will see a summary of the race statistics. This is created once at the beginning of the race and automatically updated every time a player lands first in a new zone.
Based on the time specified above the list, you can see how old the summary is. You also have the option to request the current race statistics using the button below the list.
You can view the positions specified in the racing statistics of your opponents by looking at the map. Simply activate the box below the list next to the red Insert Symbol.

Final Evaluation
As soon as the first Dragon has reached its destination, the race is finished and all the dragons return home with their treasures.
The treasure at the end depends on the Race type, the number of participants and, of course, the final ranking of your Dragon. Winners of a Slow Race earn the most valuable treasures.