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Thread: Stuck on an Alchemy Quest? Ask for help here!

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    I really need help with this one

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    here's your solution :

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    I would love help with this experiment.

    Thank you!

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    rows 1,2,3 colunms abc;
    1a elbow 1b elbow 1c elbow
    2a cross-over 2b elbow 2c straight
    3a crosspiece 3b cross-over 3c elbow
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    here's the solution:

    I'm Tyler Blue in game. I hope we'll be friends

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    Completely sunk on how to set this one up:

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    Hi again
    I'm really stuck on this one, and it's a golden quest. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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    Kshandra, try:
    rows 1,2,3 colunms abc;
    1a straight (vertical) 1b elbow 1c straight (horizontal)
    2a elbow 2b straight (horizontal) 2c elbow
    3a elbow 3b elbow 3c T-junction

    I'm not completely confident about this without seeing it, but think it'll work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy66 View Post
    A year later: still no reply on this sensible question.
    l'm having the same problem - no idea how to get a picture in here.
    The l can not solve l saved in Paint.
    A reply within 5 years would be appriciated.
    Images need to be uploaded to a third-party site (something like Imgur will work fine). Once you upload your image, copy the code that says it's for Message Boards and paste it into your post here.

    Here's a video:

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    please help me on this. pity please


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