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Thread: Stuck on an Alchemy Quest? Ask for help here!

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    Thanks (Moon)

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    Lightbulb How to put a picture here

    Hello everyone!

    If you need help with an alchemy puzzle and would like to put a picture here so others can see it, here's how ...

    1. In your Magic Lab, get the puzzle up on the screen, then press the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard (it might say "PrntScrn").

    2. Open an image editor. I use the free one with Windows called "Paint".

    3. In your image editor, click Paste. This copies the image into the editor.

    4. You can edit it a bit if you like; trim off the bits round the edges to make it smaller. Then save it to a file on your computer.

    5. Here on the forum, click the reply button to reply to the thread. Type in some useful text (like "help"!) and click the "Insert Image" button:

    Name:  insert image.jpg
Views: 110
Size:  14.1 KB

    6. Select the "From Computer" tab and click "Choose File":

    Name:  insert image 2.jpg
Views: 106
Size:  11.6 KB

    7. In the pop-up, find and select the picture you saved earlier from your image editor. Click that, then click "Upload File(s)". Hey presto, your image should now appear in your post.

    8. Click the "Preview Post" button to see whether it looks ok. Sometimes you'll need to go back to your pic and make it bigger or smaller until it displays at the right size. You can then upload again and re-check.

    Hopefully people will then see the puzzle and be able to post an equally clear pic of the answer! Good luck.


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    Help as the way I have done it is wrong

    Name:  Image 1.jpg
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    Make note of the crosses and crossovers
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	solution.jpg 
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ID:	6421

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    Thanks Pam

    Here is another one I am stuck with
    Name:  Image 1.jpg
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    ... and the answer is ...

    Name:  alc 1.jpg
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    Thank you Octopia

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