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Thread: Closing day information

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    Closing day information

    Dear Miramagicians,

    Slowly but surely we have to say Good-bye to Miramagia
    The game worlds will be taken offline in the evening so we hope that many of you can share the last moments.

    We invite all of you to meet at the world tree and in the city for the last hour. Some of you even plan to have a last-minute transformation shortly before the game ends.
    Let's send off the servers with last great fireworks!

    You know that I will be the one to hit the button in the end, and I will be present at the world tree. I'll notify you in general chat when the time has come. After that, I'll log off and take the game world offline.

    You will then be shown the usual maintenance notification page, telling you there was work being done and to please try again latier. I'm very sorry that for technical reasons, it's impossible to adjust this page to something more appropriate. In the following days, our homepage will be redirected to a good-bye page.

    If you have any ideas or wishes for the last day, please share them and let us know. We want to make this YOUR good-bye from the game, so we are open to your input on special action.

    Schedule for closing the game worlds:

    18:30 UTC - Morgentau (
    19:00 UTC - Fanfarenschilf (
    19:30 UTC - Fliegenpilz (
    20:00 UTC - Kristallfarn (
    20:30 UTC - Zapfenbusch (
    21:00 UTC - Cone bush (

    All the best,

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    It's a very sad week, indeed. I was wondering, if it would even be possible, if there's a way for the developers to release the final special mushrooms for those of us who weren't able to collect all of them? In the years we've been playing, I still have one mushroom to go, and I know others who have two or three that they've never collected. It would be so nice to have the special mushroom basket full before we sign off.

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