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Thread: 30th November

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    30th November

    Greetings Miramagicians

    Everything has to come to an end. We all know that; we have experienced it in many many areas of our life over time. Mira is no exception.

    There are some days to go until, as we all know, Mira moves into the world of Legend and Memory.

    It is my intention that we will not go gently into that dark night - we will explode fireworks, give gifts, exchange memories, and party as Mira comes to an end.

    So - starting at 9pm on the 29th November (all times are UK times) there will be server wide parties every hour, on the hour, to allow everyone a time slot to splurge our saved mana for one final party. (Like we do to see in a New Year - now we see in the future)

    The party to end all parties will start at 8pm on the 30th November (again, UK time) and all who wish to join me for that last chance to share, laugh, weep and create magic are most welcome.

    I would like miramagicians to volunteer to host the hourly celebrations. Please message me saying which hour/s you would like to host, and where you would like to host it - I suggest either a Memory village, the World Tree or the City. I will amend this list as information is received.

    I will start:

    8pm 29th November: Dragonholt: World Tree
    9pm 29th November:??
    10 pm 29th November : ??
    11 pm 29th November : ??
    12pm 29th November: ??
    1am 30th November :??
    2am 30th November: ??
    3am 30th November :??
    4am 30th November: ??
    5am 30th November: ??
    6am 30th November:??
    7am 30th November:??
    8am 30 November:??
    9am 30th November: ??
    10 am 30th November:?? (Moon): World Tree
    11am 30th November:??
    12 noon 30th November:??
    1pm 30th November:??
    2pm 30th November:??
    3pm 30th November:??
    4pm 30th November:??
    5pm 30th November:??
    6pm 30th November: Lins31: Great Herbly (Valley of Rivers)
    7pm 30th November: Octopia: The Library Portal World of custodian
    8pm 30th November: Dragonholt: World Tree

    See you ingame!

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