You want to receive the welcome package? This is how you get it:

1) Note down your Magoia Account ID. When you're logged into the game, you will find it on your main map at the bottom right.

Click image for larger version. 

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2) Send us a ticket or send a message in Miramagia to Ellemir (not Dragonholt, for once), or reply to this thread (your comment will be invisible to other users and can only be read by the Miramagia team).
Tell us
  • your Magoia Account ID along with
  • your Miramagia user name and matching e-mail address.

Of course, if you decide to write a message in the game, your Magoia Account ID is all I need.

3) I will verify your Miramagia Account and pass on your Magoia Account ID to the Magoia team with the confirmation that you really came over to them from Miramagia.

4) Your account will be marked internally and you will receive your welcome package.

This process might take a few days because all of it needs to be done manually. Please be patient and be assured that you will get your welcome package!

Magic doesn't fade!
Best regards,