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Thread: Ruby packages

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    Ruby packages

    I can't seem to be able to find the Ka Ching voucher code to get the ruby package. It said it is in the forum section but can't find it.

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    You will find it here: A heap of rubies
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    the voucher code:

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    Thank you "Miramagia" for this farewell pack

    I am also saddened to see this game completely go, where I started, on the "French" Servers, since the beginning of the game, that is to say, it has been more than "Eleven Years".
    I was "Moderator" on Our French servers, that gave me many shares, (saddened to have had the closing of Our French servers, We relive a second time this same Sadness for this end of game) I know what can represent the work of "Moderators", To you all Thank you for your work, and all those which took part in the "Developers design. To all of you for your work, and all those who participated in the "Developers design" of this game. magnificent "Desing" as well as to all the Administration of Miramagia.

    Thank you to all of you. ♥♥♥


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