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Thread: Easter Bonnet Parade 2022

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    Easter Bonnet Parade 2022

    A big thank you to Roxxie_Jean for suggesting and helping to arrange our Easter Bonnet Parade. Miramagicians descended on the World Tree in an array of garments and partied with effects spells from every season. Many wore a special bonnet and one interesting fellow sported a mohecan. Perhaps we should have called it a Top Knot Parade.

    I have attempted to capture each visitor in the picture below. I was unable to stay into the evening so my apologies if you are not represented.

    Name:  Easter Bonnet parade 2022.jpg
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    The first arrivals came bearing gifts.

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    Effects spells began to paint everything in Easter colours.

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    Ooohs of delight resounded and there was disappointment for some whose effects cupboard was bare.

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    But here in Miramagia, we share everything.

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