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Thread: Egg search, round 2

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    Egg Search, Round 2 Answer

    There are 88 eggs!

    Game World: Cone Bush.
    Player Name: Mirallem.

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    egg search round 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Ellemir View Post
    Greetings Miramagicians,

    Eggciting times!

    Round 2 takes you back in time - to the Land of Milk and Honey season* - do you remember it? such sweet memories. . .Round 2 is a portal island decorated with items from this season - and with eggs! Lots of eggs! What a sweet island this is!

    Your task:
    Search for all the hidden eggs on the island and count them.
    Submit your answer by 13th April 2022, 10:59 UTC

    • Each island has been divided into a couple of non-overlapping sections to make it easier; the edges of the sections are always located outside the hidden objects that you need to count, in order to prevent confusion.
    • Some of the eggs are well hidden, whereas others are easier to find; even if just a small part of the egg is visible, it counts as follows.
    • We recommend to search the pictures multiple times and only look out for ONE of the different objects in each go; note down your findings and sum them up in the end.

    The following objects have to be found:
    Attachment 9970 Attachment 9971 Attachment 9972 Attachment 9973 Attachment 9974
    Painted egg (pink)
    Counts as 1 egg
    Painted egg (turquoise)
    Counts as 1 egg
    Painted egg (yellow)
    Counts as 1 egg
    Colourful egg hiding place
    Counts as 3 eggs
    Festive gift basket
    Counts as 3 eggs

    Participation rules:
    • Write your answer as a reply to this thread. Remember it will become invisible as soon as you send it.
    • Mention your game world and your player name.
    • very day, each player may only take part once; players on multiple game worlds will have to decide on one game world. In the event of multiple answers submitted by the same player, only the first answer will be considered. Participation in more than one domain leads to expulsion from that round.
    • Team members are allowed to participate, too.

    The competition is taking place in both domains of Miramagia. The solutions will be revealed after the participation periods have ended for all domains. We will announce the winners once we have analysed and drawn the results.
    For information on prizes, please check the competition announcement thread.

    Good luck with your search!
    Your Miramagia Team

    Important note:
    By participating in the competition, the participant automatically agrees to further publication in the forum and on our social media pages. There is no legal recourse. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

    * this season is no longer part of the yearly schedule although items are occasionally still available . . .

    91 eggs

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    Game World - Cone Bush
    Player - Quinnes

    Answer - Total Eggs: 91

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    90 eggs
    Cone Bush

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    Solution for round 2

    Have you been distracted by all the yummy stuff lying around? Well, I hope nobody overate themselves and got an upset tummy of it...

    Now here's the solution for round 2:

    object number of objects hidden counting eggs
    painted egg pink 12 12
    painted egg turquoise 18 18
    painted egg yellow 22 22
    festive gift basket 9 27
    colourful egg hiding place 4 12
    total 65 91

    So the correct solution is: 91 eggs (yes, again, that's weird, huh?)

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    Congratulations to

    And . . Quinness is the winner of the day!

    Now for Round 3 . . .

    Prizes have now been awarded
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