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    Memory Villages

    Many years ago the Memory villages were founded.

    On the occasion of new ones being created it seems sensible to produce a mini guide to them.

    There are now four Memory villages, and a fifth is being planned.

    They are

    Memory in Flux Valley
    Memory Too in Valley of Stars
    Rememberance in Rainbow Valley
    Reflection in Aries Canyon
    Grace will be in Valley of Owls.

    The Memory villages are where miramagicians go when they are no longer alive, when they become memories in the heart and magic of Miramagia. Their accounts go to a Memory village - the process is managed by the Community Manager - and they can be visited at any time.

    There is one 'live' account in each village, whose role is simply to take care of these villagers, to maintain decorations, receive donations and create a peaceful environment for visitors.


    The first one was Memory, where custodian is the caretaker for the village.
    The players whose memories are maintained are Leecyann, Forget-it, Don Pedro, beadgirl, Vialdana and Gingersprite. There is also a memorial to Pest carefully placed here.

    Name:  Memory, Teddy bears' Picnic.jpg
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    Name:  Memory, memorial to Pest.jpg
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    Memory Too

    This was followed by Memory Too, which is looked after by custodian2 who looks after Harlekin, treedgant, aryorkies, Chefkoch, gjmoller1 and sweetiegirl

    Name:  Memory Too, Neatly tended borders.jpg
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    Name:  Memory Too, Heart.jpg
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    Name:  Memory Too, Floral displays.jpg
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    Rememberance is the third one, looked after by The Caretaker, who tends the accounts of Fe-826, Jimjersey, liesel63, Ambrosius, mariposa79 and Willempie.

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    The most recently created village is Reflection, and the caretaker there is TheGuardian*, who has begun the task of beautifying the village.

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    Grace has been founded, and Angel of Hope is installed. Please, feel free to visit and donate towards the decorating of this village.

    Feel free to visit these villages, to pause, remember, gift a kind thought or prayer; you may wish to leave a donation to the caretaker of the place; and leave with peace in your heart.

    If you wish to nominate someone for a place in a Memory
    village please feel free to contact me, Dragonholt.

    Once a miramagician, always a miramagician.

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