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Thread: Mothering Sunday 2021

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    Mothering Sunday 2021

    Greetings Miramagicians

    And for all those who mother, whether here in mira or that parallel universe known as 'real life' I would like to thank you and show we love and appreciate you - today is your day! (Mira marks the day now, rather than later in the year, as it is today in the UK and Europe . . interesting tradition about why it is Mothering Sunday and not Mother's Day, too . . . )

    Anyway, to help show our appreciation here is a Ka Ching voucher code:

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    There are 2 mystery objects - we think Sebastian was so excited at going to visit his mother in the Valley that he signed off on the project before checking the description was added properly! - however, if you would like to find them in your inventory simply filter 'new items' in your inventory, box 1.

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