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Thread: Tending the Field Champion 2021

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    Tending the Field Champion 2021

    Greetings Miramagicians

    Arcane powder? check
    Mana infused plant essence? check
    Mysterious tincture? check
    Star fertiliser? check

    That means I am ready

    Ready for what?

    For using the tending the field minigame!
    For finding out who is to be the
    Tending the Field Champion!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2021-02-01 start competition EN.jpg 
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ID:	9241

    Score the highest points in the ‘tending to the field’ mini game you can manage.
    You may try as often as you like, your highest score from the competition period is going to count.


    • Each player can register once for every server/legitimate account they play.
      Each account counts separately.
    • Register for participation in a reply to this thread.
      Only accounts that are registered for participation will be taken into account!
      The posting will disappear after sending and can only be seen by the team.
    • Mention your player name and your game world. If you want to register for multiple servers / legitimate accounts, include all necessary data.
      Zapfenbusch –
      Kristallfarn –
      Fliegenpilz –
      Fanfarenschilf –
      Morgentau –

      Cone bush –
    • Deadline for registration: Friday, 5th Feb 2021, 20:00 UTC


    • Competition period: For registered accounts, the scores of all tries between 1st Feb 2021, 0:00 and 7th Feb 2021, 23:59 will be evaluated.
    • For each registered account, the highest score within that period will be entered in the competition.


    Server Champions
    The best contestants of the server will receive champion prizes. On COM, for legal multiple accounts of one person, only the highest scoring account will be taken into account, ensuring the champion prizes of one server go to different people.
    1st: 300 rations of each of the four plant care ingredients for the ‘tending to the field’ mini game; 100,000 mana
    2nd: 200 rations each, 75,000 mana
    3rd: 100 rations each, 50,000 mana

    Main prizes
    Main prizes will be determined from the pool of all participants, DE and COM. Only the highest score of a players different accounts (including various servers and legal multiple accounts on COM) will be taken into account.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Competition Transmutation.jpg 
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ID:	9243

    Best of luck,
    Miro and the team

    Important notice:
    By participating in the competition, the participant automatically agrees to further publication of in-game name and game world in the forum and on our social media pages. There is no legal recourse. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.
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    Cone Bush -

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    carolbalas Cone bush –
    carolbalas Zapfenbusch –

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    i will give it a try coachal conebush

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    Cone bush –

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    octopia's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
    Yep, count me in!

    octopia, cone bush

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    I would like to register. Madhag Cone bush – Let the games begin Thanks

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    Winners of the championship:

    Spielwelt Zapfenbusch Kristallfarn Fliegenpilz Fanfarenschilf Morgentau Cone bush
    1. Place ella07
    53230 P.
    53752 P.
    50078 P.
    49691 P.
    51267 P.
    50418 P.
    2. Place Zulu
    51147 P.
    53591 P.
    49643 P.
    49208 P.
    51191 P.
    48245 P.
    3. Place Elsabest
    51118 P.
    51330 P.
    49168 P.
    47721 P.
    50923 P.
    35463 P.
    Teilnehmer 22 29 12 9 30 6

    Main winners are:

    1. Prize
    ela07 (DE2)

    2. Prize
    Gronk (DE2)

    3. Prize
    StellaMarie (DE2)

    (ella07 of Zapfenbusch and ela07 of Kristallfarn are the same person, so StellaMarie moves up to 3rd)

    prizes have been awarded - well done octopia, coachal and madhag!
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