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Thread: Farewell

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    Hiho Miraworld,

    Well, I'm afraid this will be my last goodbye, since I have 0 possibility to log in the game. Just to let you know, I love you all and Mira has been my best experience with virtual communities so far.

    thank you Elena - stay safe and know there is always a home for you in MIramagia, if you find a way to come home.

    But still...Ele has no compassion at all with bosses This probably will be deleted anyway - no matter if these are my last words, huh ?

    If you wish to have premium packages you have bought - but not used - reimbursed - you are welcome to contact support who will look into it for you

    The other possibility, for me, is buying device (software or hardware) just for the Miramagia purpose.

    Mira remains free to play; however you access the game.

    Anyway, hope this message will partly (at least) arrive to you all. Wish you good luck in this mad world, never trust mobs; they're all fools.

    Same to you Elena - I hope we see you again in mira, in due course!

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    good continuation Elena Marcos, take care

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