Fifteen questions plus a few bonus ones to tax your Miramagical knowledge. Score yourself one point per question with a maximum score of 20 points. Please do not post the answers so that others can have a go. I'll reveal the answers at the end of the month. Good luck!

1. MISUMATIR is an anagram of what?

2. You click on a smoking volcano to go into what in Miramagia?
Bonus: Clicking on a smoking volcano with a blue flag provides a list of what?

3. How many seasons are there in the Miramagian year?
Bonus: What two seasons have disappeared from Miramagia?

4. Donna is what type of creature?

5. On the team overview in the forum, who is listed as the Community Manager?
Bonus: How many players are currently active on the COM server team?

6. The Blanket, a regular visitor to the General Chat, prefers what drink?

7. Players may make their own games to post in which subsection of the forum?

8. How many seats are there in The City?

9. What was the original name of the season, ‘Birthday Party’?

10. Which two shops in The City contain ginger tom cats?

11. The crests on the village pole are what colour when it reaches its maximum number of wins?
Bonus: what are the other colours?

12. What magical creature is the symbol of the Miramagian Transformation?

13. In what year was Miramagia founded?

14. How many valleys are there in Miramagia?
Bonus: Which valley has the longest name?

15. Name both inventories in Miramagia?