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Thread: FAQ - The new client

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    FAQ - The new client

    Dear Miramagicians,

    With the client, some things needed to be organised a bit differently from what you've come to know using a browser.
    For the most common questions, you will find answers in this FAQ thread.

    If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to ask!
    Also, just explore the client and you will probably find out a lot on your own.

    Can't install the client
    How to watch videos, and why is it that way?
    No video in the browser tab
    Save password
    Multiple game worlds
    First help
    Other operating systems

    Have fun with the client - now we're independent from browsers supporting Flash!
    Your Miramagia Team
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    Why don't I get a video?

    Do you experience one of the following display issues:
    • In your browser tab, there's just some code
    • Your browser tab is completely empty
    • You see a Miramagia background but the canvas of the video screen is empty

    => Most likely, you have activated an ad blocker or script blocker in your standard browser (JavaScript deactivated).


    • Deactivate your ad blocker for the site
    • Ideally: adjust your script blocker, so Miramagia is set as an exception
    • Make sure that JavaScript is activated!
    • If it still doesn't work, try to copy the URL of the video tab into a different browser. Especially Internet Explorer should work fine.
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    I'd like to save my password in the client. Why won't that work?

    The browser you're used to offers a function called 'password manager'. That feature is necessary for being able to save passwords.
    Our client is built on a base that doesn't offer a password manager. So due to these technical reason, it's impossible to save passwords.

    But that also means that your Miramagia account is safer now that nobody else can log in while using your computer.

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    Multiple game worlds? (DE only)

    It's annoying always having to return to the main page just to be able to log in on another game world. Isn't there another way?
    => Yes, you may open multiple windows of the client. When you move your mouse cursor to the client icon in your task bar, they will be shown as a series of miniatures. The order of appearance stays the same, it's sorted chronologically by when you opened a certain window. You can log in on different game worlds in your preferred order and then you can switch between those windows.

    => Technically, it's impossible to introduce tabs as you know them from your browser. The above method works just as well after you have got used to it.

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    How do I run the first help?

    Something is wrong - what should I do first?

    Open the the 'Miramagia Client' menu (top left of the client window). Select 'Clear Cache'.

    This will clear the cache of the complete client, which means it works for all game worlds.
    Please note: Cookies aren't deleted with that action, so your in-game settings (display of decorations, tooltips, news etc.) will stay untouched.

    To clear cookies, select 'Clear Cookies' in the same menu
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    How to watch jackalope videos and why is it the way it is?

    Videos can't be shown in the client but they will be run in your standard browser.

    Important: make sure there's no ad blocker or script blocker active, JavaScript must be enabled. If you experience any generally issues at displaying the site and the video, this is most likely the reason!
    If you can't solve it, then you can copy/paste the link to Internet Explorer / Edge. Videos should run without any hassle there.

    • As soon as you start the jackalope, you'll find a note and a button to open a browser tab with the video.
    • There, you will have to start the video manually with a click.
    • After the video has ended (also the Skip Ad option works just as normal), you will get a notification that you may now close the window/tab and to return to the game. Close the tab manually and get back to the client. There, you'll find your reward.

    Why is it that complicated?
    For legal and safety reasons, we can't let the videos run in the client but we have to redirect them to the browser. You'll see - after a short while you'll get used to it.
    After starting the video, you don't need to remain on that tab and actually watch it - you can also do other stuff and let it play in the background.
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    My computer won't install the client?

    => Just in case, please check your computer for the requirements of the client:
    • The client is compatible only to Windows 7 or higher; other operating systems are not directly supported.
    • You need an Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that's SSE2 capable
    • 512 MB of RAM

    => If installation is declined due to the file allegedly being corroded or unsafe, please check the settings of your firewall/antivirus.

    We do have licenses that will be recognised by windows defender, so installation is generally safe and ok; but we can't specify the program/process for other antivirus programs. Most likely you'll have to manually set a trust exception for the download site somewhere in your antivirus settings.

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    Other operating systems

    Are you going to develop a client version for MAC/Linux/... ?
    Sadly, with our limited resources, that won't be possible.
    However, for alternative operating systems, usually there are ways to simulate a windows platform that might allow you to run the client on your computer.

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