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    Lightbulb How can we help?

    Hello everyone!

    Always there are new players joining us in Conebush - how can we help them settle in and feel welcome?

    So, here are a few ideas to start:

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    Gifts bought with gold can be sold to make gold. Some are useful for valley map trades (once the fog has been cleared!) – Red conifers, flamingos, fairy statues.

    Sit in the City and be a target for prank spells and gifts – there are Djinni tasks for both of these and rewards for completing them.

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    Use share experience to boost crops.

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    Getting Mana is really hard in the early stages of the game. If you find mana traders or festive seed traders in the valley map you don’t need, maybe Whisper Chat to players in your valley so they can boost their mana. Of course, clearing the valley map first takes mana!

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    Keep checking the market to buy crops from neighbours. This gives gold and helps with Djinni tasks which also give XP when completed.

    Ensure every kind of plant is available on the market all the time so Harvest Races can be won even for crops they cannot grow yet. Sometimes, in quieter valleys (or with a low-level village) a single Stone Truffle or Spud can get a 1st place. This is the fastest way to bring in oodles of cash when you're levelling up.

    Grow Miramitsu. It’s always in short supply here and takes ages to grow if you’re new to the game. A few batches on the market throughout the day will help.

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    Players in villages on their own may find it harder to generate gold and level up (some, of course, prefer to play this way, which is fine too). If you have spaces in your village and want to invite new players then keep an eye on Main Chat and Binocular (village search) Chat.

    There are many villages in Mira now where all the players in that village speak the same language. For those for whom English is not their first language, moving to a village where you can chat in your own choice of language is great. I’m guessing Main Chat and Binocular Chat are the best places to go to help to connect players.

    Once in an established village, a few big Harvest Race or Big Order wins can boost cash quickly. If players in your village need gold, remember the Plant Merchant in the valley would love to put gold in every villager’s gold pot in exchange for plants.

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    (Thanks to (Moon) for this one) Visiting the Dream World and leaving a flower on the tree puts a gift in the chest. Mana and gold are often gifted, and useful. Of course you’ve no control over the gift – it might be a puddle, which is about as useful as a ... well ... puddle!

    Have fun!
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