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Thread: World wanderer - welcome back Fareeja

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    World wanderer - welcome back Fareeja

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    Dear Miramagicians,

    at last! She has been dearly missed and impatiently awaited: Fareeja has returned to the Miramagic worlds!

    Of course, she brought her tome with magic spells with her: decode them one by one to earn bonuses. All over the game, you'll find seasonal spells and objects that are only available throughout this season - don't miss out!

    Some explanation will be useful:

    As you know, we can no longer produce new content, so the season will be run in the same version it was last time - similar to the other seasons since last summer.
    For the World Wanderer season this means some changes from the 2017 iteration.

    The season covers 4 consecutive phases, in each of which you may open up one of the portals of the mini game. Also the village map is going to change over the course of the phases.
    At the end of each phase, if you succeeded in freeing the matching portal, you will receive a special object as a bonus. After the completion of phase 4, there is a main prize, too.
    Attention: those objects have been published as weekly prizes over the past year. So if you didn't have luck with them then, this is your chance to work on acquiring them!

    What's different from last time?
    All regular objects and spells (purchaseable in the shops and spell menus) are available right from the start of the season. Delaying their introduction according to the phases is impossible for technical reasons.

    Please be aware of the following misunderstanding:

    Opening the portals will reward you with the decoration object shown in it. The pet spells have always been an extra that needs to be purchased in the spell menu - the portal simply unlocked access to getting them!
    Now, the spells are openly available in the spell menu anyway right from the start, but we kept the spell icons in the portals so you may still see which portal they came from.

    Mini game

    Hints and tips for the mini game will be added in a posting below.

    Forum competition

    Similar to the maze solving competition at 'Magic Nights' last year, you will be able to compete!
    The players who solved most summoning formulas will be our winners... you will find all details and information in a separate thread. If you want to take part in the competition, best start freeing portal #1 as quickly as possible so you get to the free formulas.

    => *Click here* to be teleported to the competition thread

    Good luck and enjoy the season!
    Fareeja, Miro and the Miramagia team
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    Hints and tips for the mini game

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    Fareeja explains the most basic things in the mini game herself.
    Watch out for her speech bubble!

    As soon as you've mounted four gems in the bases, the
    'Complete' button will become active - click it.

    You'll get an analysis of your formula:
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    Yellow pie slices: you put a correct colour into the formula
    Green pie slices: you put a gem into its correct place
    Missing pie slices: you didn't the correct colours yet
    The pie slices are not sorted, you can't determine
    which one relates to which place!

    With additional tries you will be able to find the correct set of gems

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    Your following tries will be stacked on top of each other,
    the first line always being your latest try.

    For now, I assumed that in my first try the blue gem was in
    the correct place and switched around the other three.
    But in the third try (top line), we get four yellow pie slices,
    so blue can't be correct in that place.
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    4th try: In order to keep it straight, next I assumed that the purple
    gem was in the correct place in the first try (bottom line).
    In the 2nd try, there was a gem in the correct place, too,
    so that leaves red as the only option for that.
    For blue and yellow, I put them in the remaining slots.
    => All yellow pie slices, so that assumption wasn't correct, either.

    5th try: Next, I assumed the red gem was in the correct place
    in the bottom line. For the 2nd try, the yellow gem
    then would have been in the correct slot.
    Blue and purple gems go into the remaining free slots again.
    => Yay, we solved it!

    Click the 'Activate' button to work the spell!

    If you don't get any closer to the solution, you can get help!

    The jackalope is ready to help you out with telling you the correct gem for one of the slots if you watch one of its videos.

    Of course, you can also opt for taking screenshots and posting them here in the forum though getting the answer might take a bit longer this way.
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    In some very rare cases the game system won't be able to identify a correct solution and give you a faulty feedback. Usually, using the Jackalope will fix that so you can then enter the correct formula and resolve the riddle.
    If you come across this bug and the Jackalope trick won't work for you, please reach out to so we can help you with it.

    Enjoy jogging your brain with Fareeja's summoning formulas!

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