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Thread: A client for Miramagia

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    I am very sad to see that this is Windows only. So I will have to be saying goodbye to Miramagia. I have enjoyed the game, the illustrations, and the players I have come in contact with.
    I understand that this is a way to save Mira, but I am past the time when I want to coerce my Mac into running Windows. I have done it in the past, and Linux as well, but not for this game only.
    If there comes a time when you can develop a Mac version, I will revisit.
    Will stay around until it becomes impossible to use Flash.
    Thanks for the fun and enjoyment.

    There are workarounds for Mac and Linux users, but I do appreciate they are more cumbersome I hope it will be a long long time before we have to say farewell to you!
    Stay safe please

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    My installation status gets stuck at extracting files from archive.

    What operating system are you using Arikel? You might want to contact support to see if they can make any further suggestions
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    Same thing here !

    Awaiting for announcement about pay back or gold/rubies transfert from one game to another.. The sooner the better

    Please contact support Elena if you need to discuss matters relating to your account. There are no plans to transfer between games . . .why would there be?
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    Is there a way to play on a chromebook??...which don't carry windows?

    You can try one of the workarounds suggested in the original post nuttynanny - is your Chromebook Mac or Linux?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arikel View Post
    My installation status gets stuck at extracting files from archive.

    What operating system are you using Arikel? You might want to contact support to see if they can make any further suggestions
    Windows 10.
    I resolved the issue by switching brower. I was using chrome to download the client and the installation would get stuck. So I tried downloading the client using firefox and managed to install it.

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    Another sort of workaround, the one I'm using, is to install a secondary web browser while Flash still works and stop that browser ever being updated, so flash support won't go away for that browser. On Linux the command to stop updates for one program is:

    sudo apt-mark hold browsername

    I don't know for Mac and Windows but presume they can be controlled somehow.

    I wouldn't suggest stopping updates for your main browser as that'll stop security updates too, which would be unwise for the browser you use for everything other than Miramagia. But losing security updates just for a secondary browser for just this game seems an acceptable risk to me.

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    So, if you own Apple products, you are out of luck unless you purchase virtual machines (starting at about $70). You know other games have had to go to desktop and they make it so that both Microsoft AND Apple systems work. Why can't you do the same?

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    Bonjour a tous , j'ai trouvé peut etre un moyen pour remplacer adobe flash player et gratuit il faut télécharger Ruffle moi je les fait et sa fonctionne tres bien en esperant que sa fonctionne pour vous ..Ruffle est un émulateur Flash Player écrit en Rust. Ruffle fonctionne nativement sur tous les systèmes d'exploitation modernes en tant qu'application autonome, et sur tous les navigateurs modernes grâce à l'utilisation de WebAssembly. En exploitant la sécurité du bac à sable moderne du navigateur et les garanties de sécurité de la mémoire de Rust, nous pouvons éviter en toute confiance tous les pièges de sécurité pour lesquels Flash avait la réputation. Ruffle remet Flash sur le Web, là où il doit être - y compris iOS et Android!

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    and via google translate:

    Hello everyone, I may have found a way to replace adobe flash player and free you have to download Ruffle me I made them and it works very well hoping that it works for you .. Ruffle is a Flash Player emulator written in Rust . Ruffle works natively on all modern operating systems as a stand-alone application, and on all modern browsers through the use of WebAssembly. By leveraging the security of the modern browser sandbox and Rust's memory security guarantees, we can confidently avoid all of the security traps Flash was known for. Ruffle brings Flash back to the web, where it belongs - including iOS and Android!

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    Ruffle is entirely an open source project and maintained by volunteers. We are all passionate about preserving the history of the Internet and have been drawn to this project to help preserve the many websites and plethora of content that will no longer be accessible when users can no longer run the official Flash Player. . If you would like to help support this project, we welcome all contributions of any kind - even if it's just playing old games and seeing how well they work
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    For a windows version, take a browser download and save it with the addition of Mira on the end of the file name. Like you said, it may not work and you should only try it for Miramagia. It is a security risk for other things. During the download process or once completed, you need to set it not to update automatically and to ask before doing so.

    But remember: TAKE THIS WITH A PINCH OF SALT! (which mean it may not work or do more harm than good)
    Buzz words you need to know: Homemade and Japanese because, if I'm going to get fat, I might as well enjoy it.

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