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Thread: A client for Miramagia

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    I am very sad to see that this is Windows only. So I will have to be saying goodbye to Miramagia. I have enjoyed the game, the illustrations, and the players I have come in contact with.
    I understand that this is a way to save Mira, but I am past the time when I want to coerce my Mac into running Windows. I have done it in the past, and Linux as well, but not for this game only.
    If there comes a time when you can develop a Mac version, I will revisit.
    Will stay around until it becomes impossible to use Flash.
    Thanks for the fun and enjoyment.

    There are workarounds for Mac and Linux users, but I do appreciate they are more cumbersome I hope it will be a long long time before we have to say farewell to you!
    Stay safe please

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    My installation status gets stuck at extracting files from archive.

    What operating system are you using Arikel? You might want to contact support to see if they can make any further suggestions
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    Same thing here !

    Awaiting for announcement about pay back or gold/rubies transfert from one game to another.. The sooner the better

    Please contact support Elena if you need to discuss matters relating to your account. There are no plans to transfer between games . . .why would there be?
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    Is there a way to play on a chromebook??...which don't carry windows?

    You can try one of the workarounds suggested in the original post nuttynanny - is your Chromebook Mac or Linux?
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