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Thread: Mother's Day in France

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    As an additional information:

    Most likely you were thinking of the special prizes for the golden quests.
    For those, you need to get a golden quest (randomized, so you'll have to wait), and you'll receive a version of the wooden table that is placed at the right side, in the front. There are 7 different prizes available and they are handed out as follows:

    1st: DIY Wooden table
    2nd: Refined Wooden Table
    3rd: Tea Cart
    4th: Wooden Table with Metal Fittings
    5th: Framed Wooden Table
    6th: Polished Wooden Table
    7th: Feudal elaborate wooden table

    Seems you didn't solve a golden quest so far, but in a way, that's 'as designed'. They are meant to be a long term achievement/prize, and your account is still very new here.

    Good luck, watch out for the golden daily quests so you won't miss them!

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    thank you for this additional information Ellemir .

    I don’t risk missing a gold quest , I like to solve them too much, it’s the first thing I do after daily wins .

    good monday Ellemir

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