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Thread: What are you listening to right now?

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    Désolé ft. Fatoumata Diawara

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    Highlight !
    My Love (Live @ Bimhuis Amsterdam)

    The most expressive voice of this century, full of mystery and drama ...
    I love you acoustic or otherwise ... !!! ❤

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    all the charm of the orient
    a music that breathes the joy of life served by beautiful and smiling Berber women
    El Banat \ אל בנאת \ ديوان البنات - Maagalim מעגלים

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    Third World
    96º In The Shade

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    Are we a warrior (Ijahman Levi) ? The earth is alone. And I give thanks for the abundance. Within the firmament are golden days and flowering nights. His gentle hands made me a man, son of him. Life was divided and sweet harmony came in women and children Are we a warrior? Are we a warrior? Are we a warrior? Oh, Cupiid, you stupid? Don't let your bow bow bow Faith is the mountains, so still and full wells of water, for all his loving creatures he gives us wisdom and knowledge understands his love Do we have to make a war? Are we a warrior? Lord ? Are we a warrior? Are we a warrior

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    reggae, another beautiful voice
    Jimmy Cliff
    Dear Mother

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    Macy Gray
    Coming Back To You

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    Alune Wade & Harold López-Nussa
    Petit Pays (feat. Sara Tavares)

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    Los Zafiros
    La Luna En Tu Mirada (1965)

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