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Thread: Alchemy Quest Competition Round 1

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    fliegepilz ~ cone bush

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    hope i did it right is the first time for me

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    So here is my decribed entry running from 1 top left to 9 bottom right ( each line running left to right ie. 123,456 789
    1 - cylinder (horizontal)
    2 - cross bar
    3 = angle (top to left)
    4 = angle (bottom to right)
    5 = double curve (top to left, bottom to right)
    6 = cylinder (horizontal)
    7 = angle (top to right)
    8 = cross bar
    9 = cylinder (horizontal)

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    Cone Bush (Server 1)
    Vistas en miniatura Vistas en miniatura Puzzle_1.jpg  

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Cone Bush -

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    Cone Bush (COM)

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    LoveQuilts of Conebush Top row left to right: (left) straight pipe horizontal,(middle) Cross pipes,(right) Elbow curving from kettle to middle box to meet the cross pipes Middle row left to right: (Left) Elbow coming from middle box and pointing down, (middle) double curved pipes with curve coming from pot and going to first box to meet the elbow, (right) straight pipe horizontal
    Bottom row left to right: (Left) elbow coming from box above and pointing to middle box; (Middle) Cross Pipes; (right) straight pipe horizontal I sure hope you understand description as I don't know how to draw the pictures :-)

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    Quinnes - Conebush
    Please read the note on the pic. Thanks...
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    1st row top left middle right
    horizontal tube (horsetail) connects to middle row with cross (open horizontally) top of cross connects to the kettle 90 degree angle pointing up to teapot and connects to the cross

    2nd row left middle right
    90 degree angle points down connects with middle row (that's a double curve)curve top which connects to the cross above horizontal tube connects to bottom top of double curve and fanfare reed

    3rd row bottom left middle right
    90 degree angle connects to the 90 degree angle above and connects to the bottom middle horizontal cross (bottom of cross connects to mystery tool)and last horizontal tube connects to the cross and cutter tool

    1 Draco
    Cone Bush

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    Row 1 - straight line horizontal, cross, elbow attaching up & to the cross
    Row 2 - elbow attaching to right and below, double elbow attaching to above and left and right and below, straight horizontal
    Row 3 - elbow attaching to above and right, cross, and straight horizontal


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