Now this puzzle is not so easy to do. There are a few bored folk around so I thought it might be a good time filler. You will need to go hunting in Miramagia’s city shops, in the Toolbox and in the forum. I have stated where to look when the list of possibilities is unfairly large. There is even one easy cryptic clue, but which one is it? The most important thing is to have fun. Enjoy!
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2. You will find this under ‘Ground Area’ in your garden inventory?
4. When Emma and Emilio fell in love, they … ?
5. Miramagia is such a place?
7. This musical plant is a dancefloor entertainer?
9. You might be this on your Birthday?
12. Everyone that works for the village assistant does this?
14. We all need to be more of this in our real lives?
16. Make sure your shoelaces are … ?
18. A volunteer on the team is known as a … ?
20. This ‘silk curtain’ can be found in your furniture inventory?
21. One of the trophies in your lab?
23. The name of this seasonal decoration can be found in the forum gallery, ‘Ghost Nights’?
24. This maternal fairy-tale bird can be found in the forum galleries?
26. This water companion may be in your toolbox but, if not, her name can also be found in the forum
28. & 29. This stag can be found in Dr Gecko’s if you have not already purchased it?

1. These expressions are a consequence of joining in?
2. This game has been … since 2011?
3. This accommodation for bees is class specific?
4. Attire for the well-dressed time-traveller?
6. Look to the valleys for this sign?
8. You will find a stack of this in the Sorcerer’s Corner Shop?
9. Santa might repeat this in triplicate?
10. To the back of a ship?
11. Food contained inside a piece?
13. A two-seater found in the Ghost Nights gallery in the forum?
15. You will lose a lot of mana gifting this?
19. The Winterspell gallery in the forum will reveal this little chap’s name?
22. Search amongst the toolbox spells in the Old Cultures gallery for this Northern display?
25. Careful where you step with this mysterious furniture item in the Ghost Nights gallery in the forum?
27. The colour of a Gummy Bear Twist?