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Thread: Egg hunt competition 2020

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    Egg hunt competition 2020

    Greetings Miramagicians

    Easter is just around the corner and, as in previous years, we will also be holding our egg hunt in the forum this year. Every day for five days, starting Saturday 4th April, we will present you with a portal world that the Easter bunny has already visited and hidden a whole bunch of eggs in.

    You then have 24 hours to find and count all the eggs.

    We've prepared a range of cool prizes for you – all prizes are drawn from the combined pool of DE/COM participants:

    Daily prizes - 5 daily winners, from all correct answers, each receive
    30 Rubies
    5 scratch cards

    Main prizes:
    Among the players who take part on all five days and submit at least 1 correct answer, we'll give away the following main prizes:

    1st place
    200 rubies
    Golden trophy
    Aurora’s circle (3 seats)
    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	Aurora's circle.png 
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    2nd place
    150 rubies
    Silver trophy
    Gentle dream journey (2 seats)
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    3rd place
    100 rubies
    Bronze trophy
    Spring lizard
    Click image for larger version. 

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    We hope you have fun looking for the hidden eggs!
    Your Miramagia Team
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    Friday is 3 April, Dragonholt. Is it Friday or Saturday?

    Saturday 4th April !
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    some overall statistics and main winners...

    40 players have qualified for the main prizes pool, 8 of them from com:


    sadly, luck wasn't in their favour, all three main prizes went to DE players:

    1st place: Franzi 66 (de5)
    2nd place: tanteari (de1)
    3rd place: Lija (de1)

    a number of participants managed to get at least 4 answers right (either by getting all their answers right and missing one round altogether or by having entered all five rounds and having one answer wrong) - and they may claim a special forum avatar and matching forum title:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	forum avatar.png 
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    Egg Hunt Veteran

    for com, that applies to :


    some players (de and com combined) even managed to find the correct number of eggs in ALL FIVE ROUNDS.
    so extra applause for:


    Acaca, Clai, Golress and lori14 please contact me if you are interested in the avatar Dragonholt

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    Egg Hunt Veteran Acaça's Avatar
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    Yes i am interested

    looks lovely!
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    Egg Hunt Veteran lori14's Avatar
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    I'm interested in the avatar

    I will get the process started today
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