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Thread: Miramagia's future

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    Miramagia's future

    Dear Miramagians,

    Browsers are going to restrict Flash increasingly in the months to come, and at some point they will prevent it from working altogether.

    You have read about this already and many of you have grown more and more uneasy about it. But still, most of you have kept calm and patient, and we want to give you a huge THANKS for that. For a long while, we weren't able to present you with any news about this topic, but now the future path of Miramagia is much clearer.

    Today, we can tell you our plans for Miramagia! Our news is bitter sweet:

    • A client version is in the making at our headquarters and Miramagia will become independent from browsers supporting Flash.
    • However, starting from May 2020, we will cease to implement new content (spells, clothes and decorations); Miramagia will continue with the content we already know.

    Below you will find more background information.

    Future planning at a crossroads

    In recent months, a major decision about Miramagia's future became apparent:

    • Should we close the game in a couple of months and bring Miramagia to an end?
    • Or can we come up with a new setting to keep the game running?

    As a community, you strongly support the game and you still enjoy playing it. We greatly appreciate that. Also, for the good of the company, we don't want to just give up on the game. So we worked on finding a way to preserve Miramagia for all of you and for ourselves. This won't be an easy task and it requires some changes.

    We hope you will keep supporting the game.
    It depends mostly on you, our players, how sustainable the future plans turn out to be.

    What is going to change?

    Our working processes need to be adjusted in several details in order to provide a version that will remain stable, profitable and without major bugs for as long as possible. Starting from April 2020, our artists will no longer be available to us; technical services will be reduced to the necessary minimum.

    This implies the following changes:

    • There won't be drawn any more new graphics content (spells, clothing and decorations).
    • Due to art tasks for the client, only one of the coming in-game seasons could be equipped with new graphics. We decided to extend the 'Welcoming Spring' season with some fresh content. 'Old Cultures', which will be active in a few days, will therefore be run as last year's version. Also, after 'Welcoming Spring', all future seasons will be run as the version known from the latest iteration.
    • Some of the mini games accompanying the seasons need to be deactivated. 'Ghost Nights', 'Festival of Hearts' and 'Welcoming Spring' won't have their seasonal island any more after May 2020.
    • With respect to the future of the 'Magic Nights' maze, the Winter Fairy's calendar and the Secret Santa, you have the chance to vote in a poll - please make sure to read the whole posting before you vote: *click*
    • Weekly prizes: The previous pattern of alternating resources and item prizes will be stretched somewhat. Starting in July, some already known and beloved items from the 'World Wanderer' season will be made available as weekly prizes. In this 'recycling' process, we will keep the seasonal tags, though. So you will notice those weekly prizes are seasonal items.
    • The app (Miramagia Companion) will be deactivated. From then on, you will no longer be able to use it to access your game from a mobile device. Sadly, this cut is necessary. This measure is vital for preserving the game; we hope you understand.

    What is going to stay the same?

    With these changes, you will still be able to play the game as you know it:

    • The game itself will remain live just as it is now, also the seasons will continue (with familiar content, however, and some cuts regarding the mini games).
    • Player support, chat moderation and forum contests are going to stay the same.

    So while we will have do without some parts that we came to appreciate a lot, the game can still be kept running.

    Solution for Flash: the client

    Of all the different options for tackling the Flash challenge, one has proven to be practical: A client* for Miramagia has been in the making for a number of months now.

    We expect substantial progress by mid-May. At that time, we will be able to provide more information. Hopefully, the client can be released soon after.

    This way, we will be independent from browser Flash support, so we are confidently looking ahead. The major technical obstacle for Miramagia's future is being faced head-on! This is the basic prerequisite for being able to play Miramagia even after 2020.

    Future prospects for Miramagia

    We want to be open and transparent with you: there is no long-term certainty or guarantee!

    Miramagia is a game for aficionados, for all of you as much as for us, but at some point we will be confronted with challenges that won't allow us to continue the game.

    Being fair to you is important for us, so here is a mid-term promise:
    When we eventually have to announce the closure of the game, this will be the start of an exit process spanning roughly 3 months.
    During that time, we will have a decent farewell for our favourite game.

    However, with ongoing servicing being very much restricted, we can't fully rule out that unexpected technical difficulties could force us to end the game. If acute game-breaking problems arise and if we are unable to solve them, an immediate closure might be necessary.

    To the best of our abilities, we will do everything to prevent that from happening. We want to treat you with respect, so ending the game will be handled as fairly as possible in any case.

    How could you support your game?

    Financial stability is a major aspect and this is in the hands of the community.

    • We'd be delighted if you're willing and able to purchase a couple of Rubies now and then. Our recommendation: Only buy as many as you can spend within the next couple of months. That way, you'll be able to enjoy them without second thoughts about having a lot of leftover Rubies in the event of game closure.
    • There will still be flash sales and promos. Please rest assured that we will implement these with great care and in a responsible manner!
    • Videos from our advertising partners add to our income. So using the jackalope also supports the game.

    We are looking forward to continue playing Miramagia together with you in the future,
    Your Miramagia Team

    *The client is a program that you can download and install on your computer. You can then use it to log in to your Miramagia game worlds. You will no longer need to use a browser to play the game.
    Community Manager
    Miramagia COM

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    Greetings Miramagicians

    I have received a message from the High Council regarding the Companion app. You may recall, back in March 2020 there was an announcement made that the Companion app was to be deactivated as part of the changes to keep Miramagia active.

    Over a year later () - this is going to happen in he next few days. Any updates on this I will pass on, of course.

    Unfortunately this does mean that the mobile version many of us use will no longer be available after that point.

    I am sorry to be the bearer of sad tidings. (This does not affect Miramagia being played on the New Client.)

    Stay safe

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    Please be aware:

    I have now received word that the Companion App will be taken down sometime tomorrow, 31st August.

    Our apologies for any inconvenience

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