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Thread: Find words competition

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    Find words competition

    Greetings Miramagicians

    The following account was brought to me by dennis, the Post Dragon, and, as it concerns Miro, I would like to share it with you:

    Miro is sitting in Emma’s kitchen and starts picking apart Miramitsu plants that are lying in a heap on the table in front of him.

    ‘Will you stop doing that!’, Emma demands. ‘If you rip them to pieces, I can’t use them anymore for the dessert.’

    Miro heaves a deep sigh.

    With a wave of her hand, Emma sends a chair next to Miro and sits down. She squints her eyes and closely checks his overall appearance. It’s not like him to stay inside, keep still and make a long face. She lightly touches his forehead to check on his temperature. He’s as hot as lava.

    Well, of course, being a dragon, that’s what he’s supposed to be. She’d been alarmed if she had noticed any signs of chill!

    ‘OK, what’s wrong?’

    Miro shrugs his wings and looks up at her.

    ‘Dunno’, he mumbles. ‘The other dragons in my village are abroad in a race. The field fairies are having some kind of meeting about their ‘tending to the field championships’, and Colin just doesn’t stop talking about how beautiful the winter fairy is and how he plans to go searching for her. I’m tired of his lament…’

    ‘In other words, there’s no-one to play with right now and you’re bored’, Emma concludes. ‘But you can’t keep making a mess of tonight’s dinner before it’s even prepared.’

    For a moment, she taps her nose and her gaze is out of focus.

    ‘Are you any good at words?’, she wants to know from him.

    ‘Yeah, sure!’ Miro is cautious with his answer. ‘At least at speaking them.’

    Emma bursts in laughter: ‘Right you are! You hardly ever stop talking but writing isn’t one of your strong skills. We can do a ‘find words’ game, and you don’t need to write them down. I bet there are a lot of Miramagicians who’ll be happy to help you out with that.

    So, I’ll give you a word and you’ll try to make new words from its letters. Let’s see who of us does better, OK?’

    ‘Uh-huh. Any words I can think of?’, Miro wants to know.

    ‘Well, we’ll need some rules’, Emma replies. ‘As in a different well-known game, you may use any form of proper English words that can be found in a dictionary. So you could do ‘cook’, ‘cooks’, ‘cooked’, ‘cooking’…’, she starts to give some examples.

    ‘Got it’, Miro nods.

    ‘However, names of people and places are out’, Emma goes on.

    ‘OK, so ‘city’ and ‘mum’ are out?’

    ‘Nah, those are fine. But your mum’s name would be out. And also ‘London’ or ‘Ohio’’, she explains. ‘And each word must be made of at least 4 letters.’

    ‘Pff. That’s mean. So ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘Miro’ are all out’, Miro pouts.

    ‘Well, my dear, it’s not just about you.’ Emma smiles at him. ‘I’m sure you’ll come up with plenty more ideas. And you could also visit the villages and ask the Miramagicians for help!’

    Miro jumps into the air and narrowly misses the lamp. He wildly flutters his wings and in a split second, he’s vanished through the door.



    Miro pops his head back into the kitchen.

    ‘Sorry, caught your coat hanger from the hallway with the wing tip in my flip turn… I think I’ll need some time to check on the Miramagicians in all those villages and collect their words’, he tells Emma.

    ‘That’s fine, love. One day should be long enough, don’t you think?’

    ‘One day??? Do you want me to break my neck going hyperspeed?’, Miro exclaims.

    ‘Of course not! Well, then what about two days – it still should be a challenge’, Emma suggests.

    Miro nods. His sort of race, that was going to be great!

    ‘Ready, steady, go!’, in the blink of an eye, he soars out of the kitchen again.


    ‘Ugh. Drat!’

    Once again, Miro returns to the kitchen, looking puzzled.

    ‘Sorry, Emma! I tried to stop but the air in your house is really glitchy… WHICH word are we taking the letters of??’

    ‘Since you almost ruined them - what about ‘MIRAMITSU’?’, Emma suggests.

    Miro’s face splits into a wide grin: ‘We can do loads of words with these letters. You’re going to lose big, Emma!’

    And whooshing down the hallway, he’s finally out of the house and leaves Emma to her chores.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    so here we are: another forum competition

    You've read the competition thread above this so know what it is all about,. here's a brief recap:

    Task in a nutshell: Build words with at least 4 letters out of the given ones!
    Start: Thursday, 16th Jan 2020 – 10.30 pm GMT
    Deadline: Saturday, 18th Jan 2020 – 10.30pm GMT l

    separate winner pools for DE and EN, participation only via forum

    Rules for your words:
    • Use the nine letters of the word ‘MIRAMITSU’: your words may contain one A, R, S, T, U each and up to two I, M each.
    • Each word must be at least 4 letters long.
    • Names for people and geographical places don’t count.
    • Words need to be found in a common English dictionary.
    • Every correct grammatical form counts separately (e.g. sing, sings, sang, sung, singing…).

    Rules for participation:
    • Each player may enter only once (no matter on which domain); in the case of multiple replies, the first answer posting counts, additional words won’t be taken into consideration. Participation in multiple domains leads to expulsion from the competition.
    • Cheaters’ answers won’t be welcome at Emma’s kitchen table! If detected, cheaters will be expelled.
    • Post your answer as a reply to this thread.
    • Mention your player name (and your game world if it is different from COM)
    • The posting will disappear after sending it and can only be seen by the team.
    • Deadline: Saturday, 18th Jan 2020, 22.30 UTC
    • Winners and solutions will be announced in this thread as soon as all entries have been analyzed and rated.

    Accomplishment prizes:
    10+ words: 1,000,000 gold
    15+ words: plus 200,000 mana
    20+ words: plus 3 scratch cards

    Main prizes:
    DE and EN function as separate competitions.
    Each letter in the provided words counts as 1 point. The players with the most points receive prizes (in case of a tie, winners will be drawn ) additional to their accomplishment prizes:
    1st prize:
    - Golden trophy
    - 200 rubies
    - Artistic timeout
    Attachment 7590

    2nd prize:
    - Silver trophy
    - 150 rubies
    - Enamoured Miro
    Attachment 7591

    3rd prize:
    - Bronze trophy
    - 100 rubies
    - Chirping lodger
    Attachment 7592

    Important notice:
    By participating in the competition, the participant automatically agrees to further publication of in-game name and game world in the forum and on our social media pages. There is no legal recourse. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.
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    Fliegepilz # Cone Bush

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    pffffff it's too difficult in english. A true " TSUNAMI"

    Sorry to not participate more.

    mimine04 Cone Bush

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    Eri4ka, ConeBush, Lemon Grass, Golden Lake
    1. miramitsu
    2. tiramisu
    3. atrium
    4. mutism
    5. summit
    6. autism
    7. surimi
    8. truism
    9. summa
    10. umami
    11. maims
    12. miasm
    13. strum
    14. marts
    15. smart
    16. trams
    17. trims
    18. mums
    19. maim
    20. must
    21. rums
    22. aims
    23. stair
    24. arms
    25. mars
    26. mist
    27. tram
    28. trim
    29. rust
    30. ruts
    31. suit
    32. arts
    33. rats
    34. star
    35. stir

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    Feb 2017
    Washington state, USA
    LoveQuilts of are my words:

    mist, must, mast, stir, star, rams, mars, rats, mats, mits, rims, mira, summit, mart, smart, tram, trams, stim

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    MoonLily's Avatar
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    I submit 45 words, if approved.






    ~ In the hopes of reaching the Moon we fail to see the Flowers that blossom at our feet ~

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    Kitwil -
    MIRAMITSU - words
    atriums atrium aims airs arts
    arms tsar suit must maim
    maims rams tram trim tams
    rims rust trims mast amir
    iris mist mums star stir
    ruts smart trams mats mart
    airt airts autism summit mutism
    arum imam mars aits truism
    mair sari maul rats tars
    rami sati smut stum sura
    amirs astir mauls marts arums
    imams sitar imaum mairs stair
    smarm marm ramus simar strum
    tarsi aurist imaums misaim struma
    surimi tiramisu

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    1 Draco cone bush
    miramitsu--tums, mits, rams, arms, mats, rant, rants, arts, simitar, atrium, summit, autism, mutism, summat, truism, maims, strum, sitar, mums, marm, smut, aims, mars, stir, trims, trams, mart, mast, airs, iris, rats, star, must, muts, mist, tars, tsar, tris, rums, suit, sutra, astir, smart, stair, struma, surimi, arum, rust, trus, smarm

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    mums, umma, imam, maim, mams, marm, mimi, amus, arum, maut, mura, must, muts, rums, ramus, strum, rimus, amirs, amrit, mairs, maist, tiramisu, atriums, matsuri, simitar, imaums, mutism, summit, umamis, imaum, summa, umami, ummas, imams, maims, miasm, misaim, summat, atrium, autism, struma, surimi, truism, smriti, aurist, amrits, smarm, arums, muras, smut, stum, sumi, tums, imus, ruts, rats, mast, arts, marts, mart, mams, tams, mitis, smart, simar, tamis, trams, trims, trim, tram, muti, rimu, aims, amir, amis, arms, rams, mist, rims, mits, smit, mars, mast, mats, umms, ramma, rammus, mira, miras, star, suit, sutra, tarsi, samiti, astir, auris, mauts, sitar, stair, stria, airs, airt, aits, iris, miri, mirs, rais, rami, rima, rias,

    nuttynanny, Willowhill, in Wonder Canyon
    Cone Bush
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